Bbag Gang, Need Your Opinion, Please...

  1. If you were to get one Day and one Purse, which would it be? BalNY just sent me these pics...


    Sage, Truffle or Emerald Purse?


    Marron, Cornflower or Black Day?

    Just contemplating...:love:
  2. Oooooo I'd say truffle purse- the leather looks just divine; and the cornflower day- it's a gorgeous colour!

    Or another combo; emerald purse and marron day?

    No I'm sticking with my first choice!!
  3. I tend to go with more conservative colors so I lean more towards the truffle purse and black day but it depends on the colors you wear more. I also really liked the emerald purse and the cornflower day. Tough decision! Lucky girl! I know I probably didn't help much! :shrugs: Let us know what you decide!
  4. Cornflower day and truffle purse. I am jealous. :smile:
  5. Sage (origan?) purse, Marron day. :drool:
  6. OMG! Could you get them to send you pictures of the shopping styles???
  7. Well, I'd say emerald purse and cornflower day, but I love colour, so I guess it depends on whether you prefer brights or neutrals. Or maybe one of each? Sorry, I'm no help am I?
  8. Truffle Purse and Cornflower Day OR Emerald Purse and Marron Day
  9. I really like the Truffle Purse & Cornflower Day. Those two bags speak to me. But I also hear sweet whispers coming from that gorgeous Black that one would work too.

    Do you have any other colors or styles, or are these your firsts?
  10. Exactly my thought.
  11. For my wardrobe it'd be truffle purse and black day
  12. Ohhh, I'm lovin the Truffle and Cornflower!:nuts:
  13. truffle Purse & cornflower day but if you decide on black day then you cannot go wrong of course.
  14. Truffle purse and cornflower day!! Thats what I would choose!!
  15. I am with myluvr ^^
    Truffle purse and black day. You can not go wrong with those two. Also, if the SA described the leather on each bag to you and you liked it, I would go with that.