BBag for the conservative

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  1. Hi all!! I have been lurking on these boards for months now & lusting after the bal bags! I am considering buying one this fall when the new collection comes out. I want it mostly for work. Now I am very Petite person & work in a very conservative environment(hosp.) I was thinking of buying a charcoal city GSH but have been obsessed with electric blue for no reason suddenly. I do wear mostly consevative colors to work & do have a pretty washed out look:s I was thinking the blue or any other color would be nice. Any suggestions?? Also was thinking of buying YSL muse bag for our anniversary in Dec. Would luv some color suggestions on both!! thx
  2. I would say officier if u could find one and black muse. Have one, love it.
  3. Welcome to Balenciaga!
    I think a GSH City would be perfect - and why not try electric blue?
    It'll give you a great 'pop' of colour....and if you're not totally obsessed with Bal-bags by December, you could get a Muse then :flowers:
  4. Generally I think bals are ideal, as they colourfull as they can be - also can be very toned down, since there is no name splurged all over the bag. The GGH and GSH does add a bling bling factor (IMO), and you may want to consider if RH is preffered? will follow your descision with interest - and good luck finding your perfect bal
  5. Welcome!

    As a petite lady in a professional environment too, I say black, black, black! RH, SGH, GGH, CGH - any of those will do!

    Can you tell that I am a black addict? lol

    You may want to start out with black (lol), Anthracite, Officier or Charbon until you think you would like to try a brighter color.
  6. For a conservative environment, I would personally go with RH. GH is very blingy, IMO. I would also go with a darker color such as black, officier, anthra, etc.
  7. i say a blue officer rh part time or work:graucho: or anthracite
  8. I have the same worry as you since I work in a medical environment as well. I have a GSH Marine City, but I keep it in my cupboard in the office so that no one sees it. I think if you are really unsure, you should go for a darker RH Bal. Or, if you are planning on buying the Muse, go for it in a conservative color, and treat yourself to a fun colored Bal.

    Good luck!
  9. I wouldn't do GGH for a conservative look, but that's just me. For a truly conservative (I prefer the term "classic") bag I would get a Black RH city. It's the most classic Balenciaga bag to me. The perfect size (not too big, not too small), a color that goes with everything and never shows dirt or handles turning warm, etc.

    I also have a chocolate YSL Muse XL that I love too. It's so classic and timeless to me and it holds a ton!
  10. black work rh or maybe GCH?
  11. p.s. Since you love EB, why don't you get a black bag with EB accessories. Also since EB is way past season and hard to find, next spring '10 there is a color that looks to be close to EB, so you could buy accessories or even a bag then if you still haven't found what you want.

    I love a classic colored bag with fun colored accessories. :heart:
  12. ^^ Thats what I call a good idea:yes:
  13. It's funny - I do think of the GH bags as more conservative/corporate, because I feel the tassels on the rh bags are very casual/rock chic. Of course, I've carried both rh & gh to work, but I work in a business casual setting. I think officier or marine are great suggestions if you want color - still gorgeous shads of blue, but less pop than EB. And Beaux's idea of black with EB accessories is a great one! :tup:
  14. Great idea! :tup:
  15. black, dark blue or brown tone will never go wrong IMHO :P