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BBag First- cost in Joyce botique HK- HOw Much?


Nov 2, 2006
Hi there!!

I really want a First just to complete my b bag collection. Does anybody know how much a First cost in Joyce boutique, Hongkong? I am gonna ask my friend to buy one for me this Xmas.

Thanks lots


Bag Happiness
Jun 18, 2006
Hello KNN,
A couple of months ago I called the Bal boutique in HK to find out the prices on the City and Twiggy. The City was about US$1275 and the Twiggy US$1092. So, the City was a bit more than the US price (of US$1195) but the Twiggy was about the same (US$1095). I didn't ask the price of the First, but judging by those two prices, it's probably close to the US price. Why don't you call the boutique -- the number is +852 3428 8086. I think the boutique is in Central, but I'm not 100% sure.