bbag fedex delivery today - the waiting is killing me!


Jun 8, 2006
Had to vent ladies - I am checking the tracking on FedEx every 5 minutes for updates.. :sweatdrop:

It was about a 20 minute drive away from the destination location at 9am... and then it was on the truck for delivery... and then it seemed to backtrack to a suburb about 40 minutes to an hour away from the destination location by 10am! ARGH! :hysteric: :Push:

Ok... have to be more patient and not paranoid that something'll go wrong... estimated time of delivery is noon today so I'm gonna try and be patient and not freak out and not check the tracking again until after noon today. It shouldn't be THAT hard since it's only 25 minutes to noon... but I keep checking the clock. :shame:

I'm anxiously waiting! Doesn't the FedEx driver know?! haha... Anybody else waiting for a delivery today and can keep me company/sane?
Thanks pyrexia - I've managed not to check and now there's one minute til estimated delivery - although I'm sure it'll end up to be anti-climatic.

I'm gonna check in a few minutes and it'll still be undelivered...

It's being delivered to my friend's home so I won't have the bag in my hands until tomorrow if all goes well. FINGERS CROSSED!

I will definitely post pics! My last bbag for awhile as I'm going on a purse ban for all of 2007. I think my bbag collection'll be definitely satisfactory once this baby is in my hands. One metallic, one darker colour, and one bright colour! Can't WAIT!!
That is true. Thanks guys for coming in here and keeping me distracted.

I just checked and nothing new since 10am. I don't know why I'm so worried that since it backtracked one step - it'll backtrack all the way back to the U.S.!
It could be much worse... you could be in Denver that's in the middle of a crippling, although beautiful wintry blizzard. Fedex is shunning our offices today, and fat chance that UPS will deliver my Blueberry Work today.

So sit tight knowing that fedex will knock on your door soon;)
aww.. poor Deco and your poor blueberry work who'll be in a box all cold today on the truck or in the warehouse. :sad:

Thanks for keeping things in perspective! I'm glad fedex is working today in Toronto - but I know quite a few people here who are wishing for snow for the holidays.

I'd love to see some snow too.. but not if that means I won't be seeing turquoise! :P
jadecee... what you getting now??? HUH HUH HUH?? heheheh ^_^

Oh gosh i know whaty ou mean!! When i was waiting for my black city, estimated delivery time was.. 12 noon as well... waited SOO patiently @ work... but it came a HOUR late... but hey it still CAME!!

anyways... i'll wait with you... bhaahha ^_^"i love checking the tracking #, keep hitting refreash ever 5 min... hahah.. okok, i'm SURE you'll get it today...

do do do...
Thanks eping! It was going to be a surprise, but I'm TOO excited! It's an 05 Turquoise City!! Woohoo!!!! Can't wait! I had actually sent it to my friend's house cuz I was worried it wouldn't get here before I left, but they just tried delivering it to her home around 12:30pm and no one was home.

So now I'll wait and see if she's free to go pick it up at the FedEx location with me since I sent it to her place, I'm not sure if they'll let me pick up the package alone even though my name is on it since my ID won't have that address.

At least I don't have to refresh anymore cuz I know exactly where the bag will be. :biggrin:
OMIGOSH... 05 TURQUOISE?... *jealous jealous* hahah... oh gosh that's going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!.. hopefully you can pick it up today!!!! and i wanna see lots of eyecandy... *nods*
That colour is like a ray of sunshine and it makes me drool every time I see it! My friend is going to go tonight to pick it up for me so I can see my new city tomorrow! YAY!!!