BBag fanatics Oz resident - Witchery "BBag knockoff"


Mar 4, 2010
Sydney, Australia
It’s soooo disappointing to see Witchery new handbags collection, which an obvious copycat of BBag…, it’s one thing to be inspired….but to copied the design? They should’ve known better….:nono::pout::nono:


goddess of suburbia
Dec 20, 2006
aldo (the shoe store) has also a bag that is a copy of a bal bag.
i found this 2 in a clothes shop in chinatown, not sure if they sell them as balenciaga as the store was closed...but.


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Jun 8, 2008
down down south
Not only in Aussie, I saw these inspired bal bags in Witchery in NZ too. I could not believe my eyes while my mum was looking the bag on the shelf and comparing the one in my hand... Anyway I haven't been to that store after that particular day.


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May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
Not pretty at all... Witchery should know MUCH better!

Then again, every one would have seen how Country Road still has its Mulberry copies again this season, and they've been doing that same bag for at least three years now... and two years ago, they had Sissi Rossi copies (right down to the wrinkly softness of the vegetable-dyed leather!).

I met a gorgeous friend who lives overseas, who is also an animal lover. She lives very simply, so I was amazed to see she had what I initially thought was a black RH Part Time on her shoulder. I asked her where she had purchased the bag - and so innocently, she replied excitedly: "The local markets- so cheap, you know, and not even made from leather. Such a good design, and the PU is so soft, also! I was so happy, the man gave it to me for AUD$25."

She then asked me - again completely unaware she had purchased a copy Bal: "How much did you get yours for, darling?"

This lady is the sweetest thing, and I was not really gong to tell her how much mine had cost, so I quickly changed the subject!!

Copies everywhere - and it's because the bags are so covetable and appealing in design - it doesn't matter where you're from, or even if you have no clue about designers (as this lady doesn't) what you are prepared to pay - almost everyone likes them.


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
Witchery has copied many brands!
Her entire handbags & shoes collections look exactly the same with other brands!!!
I saw so many pairs of shoes are the same with Miu Miu, Prada, Chloe!
It's so iconic that DJ put the shoes of Witchery & other high end brands on the same level in their Sydney City Store, you can find two pairs of shoes that are exactly the same but one is from Witchery!!!!!!!!
I hate Witchery, no creativity at all! Only a COPY CAT!

P.S. I just saw a newly released handbag from Witchery that look exactly the same with my Marc by Marc Jacobs that I bought like 4 years ago!
Sep 23, 2005
These are the Witchery bags.

At Sydney Town Hall today I saw a girl with what looked a lot like one of those brown ones from Chinatown that pukasonqo posted.

Seeing fakes all over the place is really bad - like there are so many fake LVs around here, even when I see a real one I roll my eyes and think, not another one of those awful things....