BBag family photo...finally!!

  1. Family Photo!!! :yahoo: :heart:
  2. Great group! Is that a Black First with GH? Or is it a City? And is that a Vermillion City with GH, too????!!!!

    Wow. I'm curious which green that is, in the middle, she really sets everyone else off so nicely.

    Congratulations on having such a great group!
  3. Wow!! What a complete family you have there!! Great choices!!

    Is the blue one a work?? Give us the listing of them when you get a chance... ;)
  4. great vibrant colors, great collection! Congrats!
  5. OMG lovely group of bags you have, congrats!!
  6. Thanks ladies !!:heart:

    I have:

    Black City GH
    Vermillion City GH
    Vert Gazon Day GH
    Truffle Twiggy
    Sandstone Part time
    Marine Weekender
  7. is that a naturel PT or city? I love it!!!
  8. stunning family you have there, congratulations:party:
  9. Look at those beauties!! :love:
  10. Hmmm...Very good assortment of styles and colors! Good job!
  11. Gorgeous family you have there!!
  12. wow! all 07? what a great collection, great variety of colors, styles!
  13. awesome family! thanks for sharing!
  14. jewelqueen i :heart: your '07 vert gazon giant day! it's fantastic
  15. Wow! Love the red :smile: