Bbag dimensions

  1. I am a Bbag novice and I have a general question - are there dimensions of all the different bags listed somewhere? Like a reference thread or something?

    There seem to be so many different bags, and I am confused about what would work well for me.

    I just got a grenat work and the size is great, but I'd prefer something that can go over the shoulder. I'm looking at a bowler or mini bowler, since they sound like they'll be collector items soon. Diabro has a great price on these in both blueberry and vert clair, so ... hmm ...

    Any help you have would be much appreciated!

  2. Check out It is VERY informative! CONGRATS on your Work!
  3. Thank you so much, and sorry to sound like I'm ignorant!! :smile:
  4. Good luck with your new passion!!
  5. I don't really think you need to apologize...I'm still a newbie, but I've been welcomed here, and the breadth of knowledge that you can learn here is astronomical.

  6. Welcome! :welcome:
    I'm copying this information over from larnette's recent post about Bal NY's stock. This also includes their prices, just so you'll have that info handy. :smile:

    Handbag (Dimensions in L"x W"xH") and Prices:
    First (13x2x6) $995
    City (15x3.5x10) $1195
    Giant City $1595
    Twiggy (14x6.5x7) $1095
    Day (16x5x13) $995
    Giant Day $1245
    Messenger (16x5x13) $1040 (same shape as the Day bag but with a long adjustable shoulder strap)
    Flap Messenger (12x5.5x13) square shape with long adjustable shoulder strap
    Work (18x5x13) $1385
    Giant Work $1725
    Weekender (21x9x15) $1495
    Men's Weekender (21x9x15) (longer handles to fit over shoulder)
    Bowling (12x3x15) $1185, Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Mini Bowling (12x2.5x11) $1075 Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Part Time (16x6x9) $1295(with shoulder strap)
    Giant Part-Time $1645
    Afternoon$1245 (14topx17bottomx6x13) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Mid-Afternoon$1195 (11topx14bottomx5x11) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Courier (13x8.5x12) $1175 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Extra Courier (24x9x17) $1295 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Brief (12top/17bottomx3x13) $1195
    Giant Brief $1595
  7. Wow, thank you SO much! You ladies have been wonderful!

    cate22, you're the best! It helps so much to see what can fit over the shoulder and what can't.

    I think I may take the plunge and get one of those bowler bags. That bleu roi color is TDF! :drool:

    This place is DANGEROUS....
  8. Aw, you're welcome! :smile: A blueberry bowler sounds wonderful!! :nuts:
    BTW, your grenat work is gorgeous!! :love: (I have a city in the same color).