Bbag dilemma - where else could I turn?

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  1. ....I'm trying to figure out how to word this without it becoming an essay. I fear I will fail.;)

    I love bbags. I have two, both bought last year. I haven't bought any bags since my rouille day, almost a year ago now. Seems I was on a ban without realising, lol.

    I've been out of work for the last several weeks, but I recently got a great new job (fingers crossed) and would really like to treat myself. I try to avoid buying too much so I don't get out of control - OCD's a pain in the a** - so I'm afraid I've been seriously overthinking potential purchases.

    So here's how it lays out for me. Having seen the fall colours I'm really not all that bothered about any of them (tomato looks nice but Bal puts reds out every season). I have been really loving the s/s colours, and I might finally be ready to buy. The problem is, what?

    If I buy, that'll be it for me for another year. I'm okay with that.

    I'm a green lover, and am determined to have VG. I'm thinking VG RH Day. My other drool colour has been the French Blue, but I'm gathering its going to be nigh on impossible to track down, so I'm thinking about Anthracite in the City instead. I've seen FB, know I like it. I'm not worried about liking VG. But I haven't seen the anthra IRL, and I'm worried about buying a bag sight unseen, especially when its such a chameleon colour. Also, if I abandon my hops for an FB City, do I still get it in something small, like a Money wallet or coin purse? And if I do, is that bordering on excessive?

    So this is why I'm turning to you guys. No-one in my life really gets the bag thing (my friend Elaine loves them, but the price is beyond her - I bring this problem to her, she thinks I'm off my nut), but you guys understand. What I'm asking is, do I get a new bag? If so, only one, and which one? Do I give up hope of finding FB and go with anthra (which does fascinate me)? If I do, do I go for a small FB accessory? Or should I just shut up and get over it?:shame:

    Please help? Thank you.
  2. I totally think it's important to treat yourself (as long as you are disciplined and live within boundaries). So this is exciting!

    Regarding the Anthracite, it was my first choice before I found Aqua. The only problem was that I didn't know what it looked like in person. I only know I love what I see in the photos. It was mas who convinced me that Anthracite is absolutely important to see in person because it's so hard to photograph. Also it's one of those LOVE IT or HATE IT kinda bags. Some love and worship the color and some really do not like it. For me those bags are dangerous because you might not be able to fall in love with it or allow it to "grow on you" since...well, you either LOVE IT or HATE

    I think you should get your VG RH and get it in a bag.
  3. :biggrin: Thanks lordguinny, I really appreciate your input on the anthra. You make a good point about it - I had that issue with ink last year - loved it in pics but when I saw it in person I was fairly 'meh' about it. So maybe I should be cautious with that one.

    VG RH Day.....I'm sooooooooo tempted.
  4. i agree with lordguinny. I think you should get what you have your heart set on, and not an accessory but a bag. Since you are treating yourself and this is THE ONE for this year, make it count. Something that will continue to give you pleasure. If you are considering the anthracite I think you should see it person. As we have seen in these threads not only do people love it or hate it, but there is huge variation from bag to bag.

    It sounds like you have your heart set on VG or FB. Don't give up. The few things I have learned since being a member is "the hunt is more than half the fun" or something like that:yes: and there is a bag out there somewhere with your name on it, just have a little patience.

    Good luck. I hope you find your HG as the ladies say!!!
  5. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on your new job!:woohoo:That must feel terrific. Second, I totally sympathize with your desire to treat yourself. It certainly sounds as though you deserve it. I say go for it, and let us all know what you decide!

    If it were me, I'd go with the vert gazon (maybe having something to do with a VG First having somewhat unexpectedly follow me home today). Whatevever you choose will be lovely, I'm sure.

    And my friends think I'm off my nut too, so don't feel alone!:wacko: They'd be worse if they knew what these bags actually cost!
  6. I agree, you should wait for a VG or FB. You shouldn't settle. I thought I liked antra from pics but when I saw it IRL it was the same way you felt about ink, 'meh'. Good luck.
  7. Thanks guys.
  8. i love the day style too! the VG is simply beautiful and would be a nice addition to your Bal family. if you didn't want to go overboard, a nice accessorie would be good too. the clutch is coming back and you might want to take a look at that, maybe in the Violet or marine...

    it could be something to tide you over!:yes:
  9. oh, and there's a blue india city up right now on ebay - it's gorgeous and from a great seller! just thought i would throw that into the mix ;)
  10. english_girl, may I ask if you're in London? I'm asking because if you are, you can go to the department stores and actually look at the bags which will help you determine on whether you like anthra or not.
    Now, about VG and FB... I say do look for the FB, you miiiight find it, and it might be a better addition to your collection since you don't have a blue.
    And for the time being don't buy a small accessory... If your new job goes well, you could buy a small accessory in a few months! Hope I helped you a bit :smile:
  11. I have FB and VG and they are beyond fabulous! The leather on both is spectacular, I agree OCD is a real pain , I've noticed several people, including me on the tpf have this. COincidince? I think not. Hence the 'obsessive' part of OCD. Go w/ your gut instinct. Anthra is tricky b/c the color varies from bag to bag.
  12. If you really want FB and that's your HG, then wait for it, for instance to turn up on ebay or something. I always believe in the bag you want turning up somewhere eventually.
  13. I agree with the girls!! Treat yourself and wait it out for FB or VG RH Day!! Get the color that you know you won't regret!!
  14. there are actually some bags now on ebay both VG and FB. Dont know about authenticity, but you can always ask someone to check it out. Go take a look.:yes:
  15. How about Sandstone? :graucho:i really love this color and if you are thinking about not purchasing a bag for another year, Sandstone is a beautiful color for all year around.:yes: I am not sure if you like the GH but Sandstone looks great with GH too. :yahoo: