BBag Colors Fading - Has your bag faded?? esp black & blues

  1. I just noticed today my cornflower city looks kind of dull, and the color doesn't quite look the same as before. Does anyone have the same problem? Maybe it's just my imagination...
  2. where do u keep the mirror? if you keep it inside, you can see if the color has changed or not. some bright bal bags do fade with age and use.
  3. My cornflower City looks as good as new. I've had it for several months. I use it quite a bit, and when it's not in use I put it in the sleeper then put it inside my closet.
  4. No, its not your imagination. I just checked mine and the mirror is a couple shades darker than the bag. I've been carrying my bag exclusively for the last two months (even in the rain and snow).
  5. I think what's happened is that the bag is just not as shiny as when I bought it. The color looks to be the same as the mirror. It was very shiny before, so I must have just gotten used to the shiny leather.
  6. My Twiggy looks just as vibrant but I don't think I have worn it enough that any change might have occurred yet.
  7. my twiggy is still very bright! i love the colour so much!
  8. This is interesting ... I recently had a discussion with one of the S/A's at Barney's about this exact "problem". He indicated that a fair amount of folks who had purchased bags in the past year (or late 2005), were complaining of the same thing ... they felt that the color had faded, or that the bag had become dull, etc. {As a matter of fact, when I was there, a particular woman came in and was EXTREMELY insistent that Barney's take the bag back ... even though she had had the bag for over 6 months!}

    The S/A indicated that this appears to be happening with the "darker" colors (makes sense); obviously, the lighter colors (Lt. Pink, White) don't have as much to fade to begin with!

    I have never experienced this myself (as I have quite a few 'older' bags from 2003-2005), and I'm interested to see what happens with my Cornflower Blue Courier (as I've been using it every day since getting it in early April).

    I'm planning to head to Barney's tonight ... I'll let you know if the S/A has anymore information ...
  9. How come the leather from B-bag will change color overtime? Did the leather from your bag change color too??? For a dark color bag, will the leather lighten? What about a light color leather bag, will it darken? I saw a pale pink b-bag (not sure what color it is) that I really like, what color will it change to? Thanks! :hrmm: Now, I'm not sure what color I should get then.
  10. light color bal bags get dirty quickly, so be careful. i am on my second white. some of the bright colors fade slightly, nothing major. the dark colors hold up the best. i love all bal bags!
  11. Thanks! I really want to get light colors, I have to think twice. I saw pictures of a bright orange bag turns to a red one. It's so beautiful.
  12. did you use a stain repellant spray on your white bags? I have a white one that i'm so afraid to get dirty. I sprayed her with Vectra and am hoping this works. Love the whites!:heart:
  13. The light Bbags get dirty ridiculously fast and cleaning them is such a hassle....I almost cried when my shirt stained by calcaire first :sad: . How do you guys clean the handles without it getting dark?
  14. i havent noticed a colour change in my cornflower twiggy yet... but i know its a lot softer than when i first got it... i reckon the leather gets softer everytime you use it! woo hoo b-bags!!!!
  15. An easy way to view the "difference" is if you place the Mirror inside your bag or inside the pocket. After some time, look at the Mirror versus the outside of your bag ... you will be able to see the "changes" in your bag.

    Yes, the light colors can get dirty more easily ... and it may appear as though they fade a bit. The minute I get a bag, I slather it with a leather protector (Kenneth Cole - Leather Conditioner). This stuff is fabulous; I use it on all my bags. I like the fact that it does NOT discolor (or darken) the leather, it's not greasy or heavy, but it softens and conditions the leather on your bag as well as providing 'some' protection from the elements (it won't protect the bag from a soaking rain!).

    I also switch my bags around a lot ... I think that's one of the reasons why I'm always told that they are in great condition. Even when I travel, I use my Weekender(s) for the traveling part ... but always take a City bag with me (heck - they're so light and can smoosh up in the luggage). Now that I have a Courier, I'm going to try that out on the next trip.

    Some folks have complained about the loss of "shine" on the bags, but the "shine" is relatively new for B-Bags. The old bags were NOT shiny at all ... always a soft and somewhat 'flat' distressed leather. Frankly, I'm not a fan of the 'shine', so I'm liking the fact that with use, the bags are losing that 'shine' (my Rouge and Cornflower are starting to look more like the 'old' leather bags!).

    The light-colored bags will also show the wear & tear more ... especially at the corners. While I love some of the lighter colors, I really think that they are better in the 'smaller' sizes (First, City or Twiggy). They look beautiful in the Work or Weekender, but in my opinion, they really show their wear.