Bbag clutches - yes or no?

  1. Does anyone have a Bbag clutch? Has anyone seen one and how functional is it? I guess you can use it as a makeup bag too thought I wouldn't do that eek! If I got makeup in it....

    I can get one in the turquoise 04 color in perfect condition? No wrist strap or anything, it's just a plain ol' clutch - size is 8x6x2. Any thoughts? :love: :biggrin:
  2. I say Yes!! I don't have one, but I think it would be great at night. Wonderful color, too!
  3. i love my pumpkin 04 clutch..I use when I just need to run some errands like go to the grocery or even go to the mall, LOL;)

    here's a pic of mine w/ my 2 coin purses (magenta and mustard)

  4. Love the colors!!! especially the magenta coin purse!
  5. Amour I am going to be ILL at those gorgeous colors. You have the best collection!

    Do you girls know what retail on these is?
  6. awwww no i don't....

    got mine for $375 inclusive of shipping;) it has all the cards, extra little tassel and it looks bnew;)

    go get it girl!!!!;)
  7. Yes, yes yes! One of the prettiest colors made and I love mine. The coin purses are great also.
    Sorry, cannot help with the price. I have a tendency to overspend on stuff I think I have to have.
  8. Oooh I know which clutch you are talking about - the turquoise is a great color, and I love that clutch (I don't think your friend should sell it hehe ;)) go for it!!!
  9. I have a magenta foldover clutch that is actually quite large, and very useful. I don't like to use any of my nice large handbags when I go out at night, and use clutches instead. So my Balenciaga foldover clutch (among others) is perfect.
  10. hey mimzzzz dahling..I missed you;)
  11. ^ yeah girl! Where have you been!? I e-mailed you a while ago! :oh: :lol:
  12. Ooohh...those colors look so beautiful together :love:
  13. 0o00o0 adding clutch purse to growing bag list!!!
  14. My friend has one in white and it's so pretty!!! I'd say get it!!! :smile:
  15. I'm all for the clutches - I have 3 and use them constantly. They're great on their own for a small bag, and they're easy to drop into another bag. (And that turquoise one is gorrrrgeous!!) I think retail is $455.
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