bbag canvas question

  1. hello there ladies! i am a newbie to Fendi and am interested in purchasing my first one. i have been eyeing this medium fendi bbag in red patent with white canvas. so for some of you ladies who owns a bbag with canvas on it, my question is: how do you take care of the canvas, since its pretty light in color and will easily get dirty. have u had any problems with color transfer from ur clothing on to the bag? any suggestions or tips will be much appreciated. TIA ;)
  2. I have a canvas B bag, and it does get dirty pretty easily. I am not really sure if there is a good way around that, and I definitely think that color transfer could be a problem. For that reason, I don't think it is an especially versatile bag.
  3. thanks!!! i think ill stick with patent. btw. saw ur collection. all i can say is:drool::drool::drool:
  4. Agree with Litigatrix. I have the canvas one (black) and I've managed to keep it clean but white will be more difficult.

    Please post pics when you get your first Fendi.
  5. I have the linen / blue patent one. My one cardinal rule, don't wear it with dark jeans. Whenever it rubs up against the clothing, there is some dye transfer. The rest, you kind of have to be lucky and careful. In the end, it's not fun being paranoid carrying a bag around, but on the other, I wouldn't put it next to a glass of red wine either.

    Just be careful and enjoy the heck out of it. The white/red is a very cute combination, plus there are tons of cute shoes in that combo to go with it too! Good luck and please post pics if you decide to get it.
  6. thanks! but i have decided to save and get the patent. :yes: i think the patent will be easier to care for and plus i can wear it with my jeans. :graucho: just havent decided what colour to get.