Bbag as a write off???


Apr 10, 2006
So last night I was talking to my husband, he is buying a new lap top for work. Ofcourse, its a tax write off. Now I was thinking if you can write that off why not a weekender as a briefcase? If you use it for work, or even school perhaps? Im sure you cant write off all of it, but maybe some? Just wondering if any of you have?


Saved by grace
Mar 19, 2007
^--- heehee~~~ all I see is an IRS guy knocking on my door......

but yeah- pass the info of the magical tax man.

Maybe there is a similar topic in the money forum....

..........walking away to check............
Mar 19, 2007
too funny! I have some friends who get everything written off for being actors, (makeup, hair color, mani/pedi's, clothes, shoes, gas, gym memberships, etc.) But I am too afraid to do that, I do not want an audit.


another grey city
Feb 17, 2007
hahaa.. the title of this thread made me laugh :biggrin:

i wouldn't risk it - work materials are probably only covered up to a certain (reasonable) amount, probably WELL under $500. i got pretty familiar with what you can and can't write off working as a freelancer, and as far as i know it's just basic necessities that are covered, nothing that could be considered a luxury item. but yeah, if you find otherwise, give me the name of your tax guy!! :roflmfao:


Feb 23, 2006
Nope you can't write it off. Sorry. Wish we could.

You cannot write off anything as a "uniform" if you can wear it in the "outside" world. :cursing:

"A doctor may deduct the cost of scrubs or lab coat, because they are not suitable for street wear. But an attorney may not deduct the cost of a business suit because it is suitable for ordinary street wear. Likewise a doctor can't deduct the cost of comfortable shoes he wears with his scrubs because the shoes can be worn on the street."
My boyfriend is a dentist and we already asked the tax man about that and this is what we were told. I also read it in one of our tax books, "Tax deductions for Professionals".



Sep 9, 2006
you could write off your bbags if say you were a handbag designer, and you purchased it as a "sample" for business use. you can then report your sideline business as a sole proprietorship on a schedule c and it would be part of this year's business expenses. that way, it would be a full deduction rather than a partial deduction on the schedule a. it's a stretch though. plus you'd actually have to be a designer in some way, shape, or form.


Aug 22, 2006
My husband finally let me off the hook for my Balenciaga purchases when we got a nice big write off on every bag I bought! Because of my handbag accessory business, and mainly the braided ones I make for Balenciaga bags, we got to write them off as display items. Yippee! Not the same as the brief case idea, but a huge incentive for my husband not to freak out everytime I buy another bag!