BBag and Chloe gal obsessing about...

  1. this gorgeous Prada Chevron!!! I saw it in this exact steel gray in duty-free in the Hong Kong airport on Sunday. I'm having a tough time justifying this much money for one bag (it was US $1700ish there)....but dang it was gorgeous and SO SOFT......:love:

    anyone have it? thoughts about it????

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  2. i prefer the brown version myself. it shows of the texture better i think. and in terms of style, i prefer the brown gauffre'an and the antic cervo brown deer skin with burned edges.
  3. I too prefer the brown version and have this one.[​IMG]

    I agree with you that it's unbelievably soft. I was surprised by that. I love everything about this bag. I started out hating it the first time I saw it, but I just love it now. The only problem I have with this one is that it's too big. Enormous! Doesn't look that way in the picture, but when I put it on I'm dwarfed next to it, and I'm not puny!
  4. is it as large as the hobo-tote cross styled cervo antic deer skin? that hobo also looks deceivingly small in pics but, whoa! when i saw it in real life. i like large bags :yes:

    decophile, do you have a pic of you carrying that bag of yours?
  5. yippy, redney-girl, it's so good to have another b-bag lover over here :yahoo:
  6. I'll post a modeling pic tonight. :yes:
  7. thanks for your input, everyone!!! looking forward to your pic, deco

    (hi aaa!!! good to see you too!!:wlae: )
  8. ^sorry, forgot to post last night. Will do it tonight. It's soooooo soft!!!
  9. Prada.jpg
  10. Ok, redney, finally took pics. Here is my ginormous chevron bag.
    abag 001.jpg abag 003.jpg abag 005.jpg
  11. ^^^Thanks, Deco!! :flowers:

    Wow!!! Your bag is gorgeous and it looks GREAT on you!!! :tender: I love the shape and color!! Thanks so much for posting it!!
  12. I'm glad you like it too. I think the leather is extraordinarily exquisite. And I love the antiqueing on the color. Just wish it was a tad smaller. But I still love it. :heart:

  13. That's just gorgeous! Congrats- it looks fabulous on you!:yes:
  14. all beautiful!
  15. hey redney, i have a version of this bag, the one with a zip top and has the shape of a fendi spy bag, if you know what i mean. it was over $2k... i thought it was too expensive for prada, but i do love this bag... it's so soft. it's the steel grey color which i love b/c i don't have the color. the SA loved it, and apparently people are buying it... i got the last one in the grey color... the next day i went back to the boutique to exchange a key ring that the SA mistakenly gave me the wrong style, and another customer came in asking for the exact bag i bought. so i just went "whew", i luckily was able to purchase it.