BBag collection!!

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  1. My beloved collection. The courier is such a fabulous bag, it certainly makes a good travel bag, as it's so light! It is definately in my top 10 bags!
    IMGBal.jpg IMGbalgroupbig.jpg
  2. OMG- you have such a beautiful collection!!!:love: I am wanting to get the courrier!!! Love that bag- waiting for the fire engine red!!! Use all of them well!!!!
  3. Lovely collection!
  4. Beautiful collection!
  5. What a great collection! I love the Courier - I travel alot with my job and am thinking about getting it.
  6. I love your collection!!! Especially your teal hobo and your eggplant mini!! (Am I right??)
  7. HandbagAddict4Ever i totally love your Courier!!! its SO white!!! YUM-O... thanks for sharing
  8. I love your collections!!! Very nice, indeed....
  9. So pretty! :love:
  10. Thanks everyone! Sorry the pics aren't very big, just getting used to posting images. The pic shows the teal shoulder hobo, denim/white box bag, white courier, bubblegum pink first, eggplant mini and bubblegum pink and apple green coin purses ....hopefully there will be new additions soon!!
  11. beautiful!
  12. The courier really is a great bag, if you're not sure of the size it's best to try one on in person if you can. It's perfect if you carry lots of things and also sits nicely on your shoulder when it's barely full. One good feature is that you can adjust the strap so it can adapt to everyone's shape and size and can be worn in many different ways!
  13. oh pretty! nice collection!
  14. Lovely collection! I am loving that courier!:biggrin::flowers:
  15. really a pretty, sweet combo of colors there!! love the white... so pretty!