bb10lue's collection

  1. my beloved bags~~~:love:
    --Balenciaga teal first
    --Balenciaga origan city
    --Chloe Silverado
    --Chloe Edith
    --LV BH
  2. Nice Edith :P

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. They are ALL GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  4. Lovely collection! Love the Edith bag in particular!
  5. Cheers for EDITH!
  6. Your teal first is a beauty! :heart:
  7. your collection is so cute!!! I love the balenciagas!
  8. :love: the bbags!! I'm a Silverado twin, I have the same blue bag :shame:
  9. your teal balenciaga is beautiful!!
  10. Beautiful! Love the Silverado!
  11. Oooh I love the teal b-bag, very cute and exclusive collection ! ;)
  12. Pretty colors! Nice collection.
  13. love the colors!
  14. hihi~i just start my bag obsession 5 mths ago~trying to catch up w/ your guys~!!!!!!
  15. Very nice colours! The shade of blue is beautiful.