BB purchased at Cannes anyone?

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  1. BB purchased at Cannes anyone?
    I contacted the BB Boutique in Cannes to search out a GGH bag and received a list today of what he had.
    I have city ggh : pommier, charcoal grey, blue layette; black, evergreen, Yellow.
    Not sure if the grey could be the Anthracite I am looking for or what the Yellow is exactly> Waiting clarification.
    How is their pricing via US with taxing, etc. Euro's. I have not bought overseas. Thank for you input!
  2. He just wrote me back and it was the Anthracite and then then I found the
    Bouton d'or color SS2008. Yellow in the reference area here. :P The yellow is gorgeous with GGH but I think a little to bright for me. Will keep on searching!