BB prices!! SHOCKED!!

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  1. thanx ladies.
  2. Bal prices are inflated in Singapore as well, so I would order from overseas directly if i can. Even with shipping and customs, it's still way cheaper.

    Hmm, if the amount is tied does that mean there's no price diff if you order from the states? Sorry, bad with calculations here, maybe Bal Paris is a good option for you?
  3. yeah balenciaga prices in dubai are way higher. my violet city with gsh costs $1600 in US but i paid $1880 !! (6850 AED)... $1600 is only 5840 AED so I paid 1000 more... Oh well, I really wanted it
  4. Pinksugah> i edit my comment here. Dubai has no luxury tax. i thot that would account for the higher price.
  5. Yup, Bal Singapore's prices are very high. A GSH city costs 2699SGD in Bal SGD but I can get one shipped in from US at around 2300+SGD. A TPFer mentioned it cost even more in Thailand
  6. sparkle is right, Bal prices in Singapore, & many parts of asia(Thailand, Manila & ven HKG) are way above US retail. That is why many of us prefer to buy online from US, we save a bit even after shipping & tax.
  7. pinkboudoir, I understand that the Day is considered cheap in HK, after conversion to SGD. Jzlyn is very generous, she's willing to help SG gals buy with her 10% Joyce card. We can aviod GST if she sends stuff for us from HK