BB or Mac?

  1. would you choose Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner or Mac Fluid eyeliner?

    is that true BB is richer in colour but easier to dry Mac is not that rich but less chance to dry up before the bottle finish?
  2. After a while, Mac becomes dried up and rough. I prefer the Bobbi Brown.
  3. MAC most Def. I love mac.
  4. i haven't tried the mac but i love my bobbi brown-i've had it for months and it's fine and not dried up at all :tup:
  5. another one for bb:love:
  6. I never used BB before. Now I use MAC and it's OK for me. Next time I might try BB.
  7. I prefer Bobbi Brown. The fluidline that I have doesn't have the same consistently.
  8. Bobbi Brown all the way:tup:
  9. I love MAC Fluidlines for their vibrant colors. I wrap the gel liners in a plastic bag and they are as good as new after a few months. BB gel liners are rather expensive though.
  10. I vote Bobbi Brown if you want quality eyeliner that will last roughly 8 hours without smudging. However, keep in mind it may be a little more difficult to apply than other liners because you have to be able to pick up just the right amount of gel and apply it without making a mess.

    Mac's eyeliner does not impress me. It's way to weak in terms of colour and it smudges pretty quickly. The tip is also kind of hard. It's more of an eyeliner for those who want to get out of the house quickly because it's so easy to control and apply.
  11. i've never tried the bobbi brown one, but i LOVE the mac fluidline...i never have any problems with it not lasting or the color not being pigmented enough.
  12. I have both and prefer the BB for its consistency. MAC has cheaper and has some fun colors, though.
  13. i love the bobby brown is waterproof and long lasting!
  14. Bb
  15. I LOVE the BB Gel liner! It lasts forever! My recommendation is to buy the eye makeup remover if you purchase the liner. It removes it seemlessly, without applying any pressure or having to rub the delicate eye area! The pigment is VERY true and rich.