BB gel eyeliner...

  1. hey girls, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, what do you think??:push:

    i used to have Lancome pencil WP....but i am thinking to have a go on other thing i tried Lancome liquid eyeliner,its not too bad...yet i also heard BB gel eyeliner is quite it waterproof/long wear? easy to handle? ( coz my hand can shakes horribly lol*)
  2. I have this and think it works very well. Totally smudeproof and easy to apply, though I do not recommend Bobbi Brown's fine eyeliner brush. It's a little too hard to manoever. I use MAC's 208 brush with it instead.
  3. This stuff is great! But I will tell you it drys out fast! Make sure you keep the lid on tight. I guess I didn't use mine fast enough. The plum is great!
  4. It's fab and I prefer it to any other brand equivalents - try the ones with some shimmer, they are amazing!
  5. I love it,it's amazing.
  6. i love it! it doesnt even smudge or anything
  7. i love this stuff. have almost every color. the cobalt blue is tdf.
  8. does the bottle dries up very quickly beofre it last?
  9. I have not had any challenges with it drying out...but I tighten the lid each time. I recommend BB gel liner over any other out there. The stuff stays on my oily lids..enough said.
  10. I completely agree. I love BB's gel liners but hate the brush. I use MAC's 208 brush as well.
  11. How do you guys like this compared to MAC's Fluidline?
  12. This is the very best eyeliner ever IMO! I love it. I am using a Chanel eyeliner brush and it works great.