BB Cream (Blemish Balm)? Anyone know anything about these products?

  1. Has anyone tried the Garnier or Maybelline versions available here in the US?
  2. I love the Garnier BB cream. Not at first, I felt I looked shiny, now I see it more as a dewy finish and with loose powder to set, it looks amazing. Been wearing it in place of foundation.
  3. I just wanted to reply to your question and for me, it definitely lasts all day. I also use the Missha B.B. Boomer which is their primer. It is THE best! Even better than Lancome's. Gives me a glow all day. I also top it off with either Lancome's Translucence Mattifying pressed powder or Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil.

  4. I love the Missha BB perfect cream. Absolutely my fav:biggrin:
  5. Glad to see other Missha fans! Don't you think there's something different about the Asian BB's vs the American ones? They're a lot thicker and more buildable, yet still look natural!
  6. thanks! I just ordered it a couple days ago, excited for it to come. I got a sample of the Nars TM and didn't hate it but didn't love it either.
  7. Yay, share your thoughts on Missha when you get it! I like TM over regular foundation just because its easy and natural looking, but sadly, it doesn't give much coverage and usually makes my oily skin oilier.
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    The Garnier version has sheerer coverage, and lacks the more 'gell-ish" texture of a lot of Korean BBs. My mom wears it (MAC NC20ish, post-menopausal very dry skin); looks nice enough on her. Light-Medium is too dark & orange-y on me, though.
  9. There's definitely a difference between the American and Asian BB. The first one I tried was Boscia's. It was OK, but Missha just looks so natural on me. Almost seems like I'm not wearing anything on my face at all. Love it!
  10. I noticed in Walgreen's last night that L'Oreal has a new BB cream - Magic Perfecting Cream or something similar. I think I'll pick it up to try.
  11. Ohhh... I have to keep an eye out for that.

    I've been using the Garnier BB Cream and absolutely adore it. I have oily Italian skin and this stuff along with a little SmashBox finishing powder and I am matte all day. No joke.
  12. There is a new Garnier BB cream planned to launch, one for the combination/oily skin types. It's been said that the coverage is better and it doesn't contain any oils.

    I got a sample of the Dior BB cream and I love it! At first I thought, yikes. It's way too orange and watery. But when you apply it it's amazing. It covers quite a lot. I have some hyper pigmentation, and it almost covers all. Of course you still see some, but I don't mind.

    The finish is natural. Not too dewy. And although the color seems a bit dark, it adapts to your skin over time. I hate it when companies say that, and I never believe it (it's also never true), but this time it's real. It's also very bendable.

    Not sure about the very pale complexions, and it's definitely not suitable for the darker complexions - it only comes in one color. Another downpoint is the price. Not sure about the American pricing, but it's €54,50. Waaay more expensive than a regular (Dior) foundation, and not sure if I would like to spend that amount of money for a BB cream...

    I think for that money I'd rather get a high end foundation that covers nicely and gives a natural finish. As I don't really believe in "the benefits of the BB creams". Have used loads, never seen any difference.

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  13. On Friday night I bought the L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream and the L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifer BB Cream.

    I wore the Youth Code on Saturday when we went to the lake. It is definitely a tinted moisturizer and not a BB cream, but I still really liked it. Nice light, natural coverage with a slightly dewy finish. SPF 15.

    I wore the Magic Skin Beautifier today. It is VERY matte. Out of the tube, it is a white cream with small granules in it. The granules dissolve and it matches your skin tone once you apply it. It has a very matte finish, quite similar to a primer. You need to use a light hand because I used a small amount and I feel like I have "over-matte" going on. I used it under my MAC Studio Fix powder. So far, I like it.
  14. one thing i don't like about asian bb creams is that they're so grey/pink..

    i am an extremely yellow toned asian girl (about a nc30) and it is really hard to find a bb cream that doesn't make me look funky.

    one of my favorites right now is my Missha BB cream in the shade 27. perfect shade match.
  15. I bought the Too Faced Beauty Balm in Nude Glow and the 100 point perk was a sample of it in that color!! I used the sample with my new Sephora professional mineral powder brush and at first it was super cold on my face and felt very wet, but once it sunk got even better throughout the day! I am in love with this stuff!!

    I put MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark over it and it is the perfect summer face! so light, dewy, glowy! I'm gonna finish the sample before I open mine just to make sure i love it still lol

    I'm probably not using it as a true BB cream, but it works as i've been in the market for a tinted moisturized :smile: