Bazzar's IT Bags: The Edith, Robert, Gaucho, Muse, Hook Duffle and Ross?

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  1. scan0001-2.jpg

    February's Bazzar listed a few bags as the "it" bags of the season yet I only recogize a few.

    Is anyone familiar with the Marc Jacobs "Robert" $1195?
    The Balenciaga "Hook Duffle"?
    The Jimmy Choo "Ross"?

    Here is what I found on the Ross only:
    Ross 2.jpg
    According to SheFind'
    "But, as must-haves often are, the bag is a hard commodity to find, making us want it all the more. Very few online retailers are authorized to sell the large-ish satchel, which is a double handled bag with a leather strap running though grommets, and a “lock” closure. However, we found it at upscale British retailer Harvey Nichols, which has the bag for £875 (or about $1,500US). It also comes in black, plum and green python, but the deeper colors aren’t the trendy must-haves that the orange bag has become. It’s been seen on the arms of J.Lo, Liz Hurley and Kiera Knightly. Jimmy Choo stores sell the bag for $1,450, and I’ve known of the Ross bag retailing at other places for as low as $875. Not all that glitters is gold, so you might have to shell out some extra bucks to be assured of getting the real thing. Find genuine Jimmy Choo Ross bags at Harvey Nichols."
    "According to Fashion Week Dailythe Jimmy Choo Ross bag is the new "It" bag. " - the budget fashionista
  2. Wish more shoulder bags were IT bags.
    The Gaucho is still my fave!

    Actually, I'm a Suburban stay at home Mom. . . what do I care!? LOL!
  3. Which Bazaar was this in? I don't remember seeing it...can you tell me who is on the cover? Is it the U.S. edition? And I can't believe they called my Edith a "granny" bag!!! I still love it though! Thanks for posting this. Is Jessica carrying the Choo? Cute bag.:biggrin:
  4. Seeing the picture of the Edith in Whiskey makes me a bit impatient about receiving my pre-ordered bag! I pre-ordered it from How am I supposed to wait til May :evil: I have a question for those who have an answer...if it's a pre-ordered item, do they not charge you until they have it ready to be shipped? I noticed that my card was not charged yet. :huh:

    The more I see pictures of the YSL Muse, I'm starting to like it. I didn't care for it in the beginning, but it seems to be a nice classy bag!
  5. I had to pay for mine in advance, but I didn't pre-order through NM so I am not sure. I think it depends on whether you have pre-ordered (read "pre-purchased") or whether you are on a wait list with a cc on hold, if that makes sense. I have already been charged for mine. Did you get the whiskey, too? Mine is supposed to come March/April. Hurry hurry hurry!
  6. Yes, the Whiskey! Please post pics once you get them. I got a confirmation receipt email w/amount they were charging but it didn't show up on my account yet. It said the last expected ship date is 5/8 for I wish it was sooner.
  7. NM & BG don't charge you until it ships. So even though we've "bought" something, we still have room on our credit cards until then. ;)
  8. LOL~~~why are those last words of yours echoeing in my ears. Must ignore...must ignore...there is NO room.....'the Muse is nice'....oops...I didn't say that.
  9. Hehe.... the Muse is calling me too!
  10. the ross is growing on me:weird: more than the ramona
  11. I prefer the Ross more IMHO.
  12. There are tons of Ross bags still on the shelves. IMO, this bag is lacking. The leather is different than on the Ramona... it's more stiff and less soft, and the single row of grommets don't really add much to the styling. That's just my opinion, of course... it IS a nice bag, but it doesn't wow me.
  13. American Bazzar Feb. Pg. 76
  14. I kinda like the look of the Hook!
  15. I have an orange one! The leather is TDF!