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  1. For those who had to have this bag!

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  2. i love these new bags, but are they functional? Straps look thin to support large bag, also do the straps tend to drop off the shoulder when carrying? Is it hard to find your keys in the depths of the medium or large size bag? Stephlny78 or other owner of a bazar please comment? Am thinking about purchasing, but a bag for me must be ergonomic (not just pretty to look at). Thanks
  3. I had been shopping for a large tote for a while, and was interested in both the LV neverfull and the Goyard St. Louis. However, everyone and their moms have those bags, and I prefer to have something more unique. Plus, I never found the straps on either one of those comfortable. The Bazar's straps are much wider and softer (no sharp edges) and plus it had a zipper. I love mine and get tons of compliments, even though I have the loudest colorway (orange/green/red/blue). The large size (not the XL) is the perfect size, and has two side pockets for smaller items. I love the signature Bal smooshy leather too!
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  4. Love that shopper! Here is a (very bad) pic of my beloved Bazar clutch.

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  5. I LOVE this one! Great colors!
  6. Gorgeous! What size is it?
  7. A comparison of all four sizes of the shopper:

  8. For me it was love at second glance .
    But now I am in love with the reduced design.

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  9. Shearling

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  10. Hi all! I'm considering a Bazar shopper in either small or medium and would love some feedback on how this bag has held up over time and how you're finding it generally.

    I'm usually a smallish, cross body kinda girl but I want to add a tote to my collection. Mostly for travel or the occasional times where I need the volume of a good tote.

    I've considered the LV Neverfull MM - but I don't love obvious branding, everyone & their mother has one, and that's a steep price for coated canvas.

    Also considered the Chloe Marcie Medium but it's heavy and not really a tote - and I'd rather walk across country that stuff that beautiful leather under an airplane seat :sick:

    Could do a Liberty London or Burberry - but something about the Bazar struck my fancy from day one... It's different with a funky, but not too funky vibe.

    Any reviews would be greatly appreciated! TIA :flowers:
  11. This is an XS shearling, for reference I'm 5'1" and under 100 lbs. Lots of room in it. (Sorry for the angle, I pushed it forward so it was more visible).
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  12. Thanks for the mod shots! Adorable in the shearling. The XS looks bigger IRL.
  13. It's actually a pretty good size, the small is more square and fairly big. Keep in mind I'm a shrimp but it's a pretty roomy XS.
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  14. If I was using it as an everyday bag I would bump up a size unless you carry a fairly small amount. This is what fits in mine with a little room to spare for keys and phone. (That's without using the slip pocket and the internal zippy compartment). All bags look bigger on me... (the red BV pouch is 4" x 5").
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  15. Thanks so much! This is very helpful. The small would be as small as I can go for the purposes of this bag in my collection. The main reason I hesitate on the Medium is I want the cross body option for travel / airport / etc. I should get to a Saks to try out IRL this summer.

    Thanks again!!
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