Bazaar Magazine loves Hermes

  1. First last months article and now this! Has anyone seen August 2007 issue? Pages 76,187, and 203...need I say more? Just gorgeous!
  2. Lately I have been seeing the same thing!
    The last three months all the ladies closets have ooodles of Hermes goodies.
  3. You can pretty much count on Glenda to have something Hermes-related in every it!!
  4. :blush:I confess...I read Bazaar primarily because of the gorgeous H collections featured every month....yes, shallow obsessing...cannot help myself.
  5. Yup, Glenda Bailey, Harper's editor-in-chief, is a huge H-fan, and owner of one of Audrey Hepburn's croc Kellys, so she has a penchant for showcasing the H-collections of stylish individuals in the magazine. I have to say that I don't mind this blatant partiality-makes me love HB even more!
  6. Oh, HM, but, of course!! Don't a lot of us;)
  7. I usually get the British version since the US version is only sold scarcely, have to go get the US mag tomorrow!
  8. Handybags: I will post the article before the week is out.

    Can anyone tell me what other issues Bazaar has blurbed H this year?
  9. purses...I think it's been nearly every one. the issue before was a feature on the history of H, I believe...
  10. Ok kids, there's a massive up close and personal photo of a glazed cocoan croc birkin (GH) in September's issue (US edition).