Bazaar Hermes Article has arrived....

  1. Just got the June 2004 back-ordered Bazaar magazine with the Hermes article. Pretty darn good with some great fotos -

    I'd be happy to mail color copies of this article to whomever wants one but, of course, this means I need addresses. I guess the best way to do this is to PM me but if you can think of a better distribution way, I'm game. I don't have a scanner though....

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Oh how sweet shopmom!!
  3. Color copies can be made at Staples.
  4. So you like it shopmom? I'm glad to hear that it has arrived! Now you and other members can read it and we can talk about it! A mini Hermes book club of sorts! j/k:P

    But I think Catherine Zeta Jones' Bolide is so gorgeous and she looks so elegant carrying it. Its rare to see Hollywood stars carrying bags other than birkins and kellys from what I have seen thus far.
  5. I wish more Hollywood stars would carry other Hermes bags!
  6. I agree. Hermes isn't just about Kelly and Birkins. There're plenty of great bags that deserve their place in the spotlight too!
  7. Is there a way to order an old Bazaar? I want that issue...I'd love to order it, how'd you get it?

    LoveHermes-- I'm convinced it's because Gucci/LV, etc. just GIVE stars bags a lot more often than Hermes does...maybe not...I really have no idea, just assuming
  8. That could be true User!! Never thought of that...
  9. User....I was unable to order it through Harper's Bazaar because they didn't have any at all to sell...usually you can get back-issues from them. This one must have been in great demand!

    I'll be back with the web-site I found....not sure she has anymore but you should def. check if you want the whole magazine!
  10. You are amazing shopmom!
  11. Thanks very much, Shopmom! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  12. Shopmom/Nathansgirl,

    I'm going to email the seller to order a copy, can I just confirm that it's the June 2004 copy with Beyonce Knowles on the cover? Thanks!!! :flowers:

    June 2004 NM Beyonce Knowles
    inside: Cindy Crawford / Tara Subkoff / Amanda Goldberg / Michelle Buswell / Guinevere Van Seenus / Rianne Ten Haken / Tiiu Kuik / Angela Lindvall and Gabriel Aubry / Hermes / Lucy Liu. $18.00
  13. Yes, Gigi that's the one! Does she have any more???
  14. Thank you, Shopmom! :flowers: It doesn't say "SOLD" beside the title so it should be available. I'll email her to place an order & see what she says.