Bazaar Adriatic RAWKS!

  1. You guys know I ordered my necklace last Saturday night....and it's here already!!!!

    Seriously, I had to write them and tell them how cool they are....that's totally fabulous that I can order from Canada and get it in just a couple of days!

    Here's my :heart: :heart: :heart: Bastardino (and my awful huge boobs)...I didn't know it's enamelled on both sides, that's too cool! Although I don't care for the chain....
  2. Congrats! Its cute :yahoo: Thats awesome that you already got it.
    I ordered my caramella from Azalea on Friday and its still not here and we are in the same state.
  3. Congrats :dothewave:
    It looks adorable on you!! :graucho: I've heard Bazaar has the fastest shipping!!
  4. Stupid Azalea!
  5. :wlae: Now I want a Latte!
  6. do they have the latte? I have latte and it's not that great IRL. The coloring on it is dull. :sad: Don't get me wrong it's cute but the colors could be brighter :rolleyes:
  7. I forget what they have, I think they do.

    But then, what exactly do I *not* want? I still need a tshirt! :nuts:
  8. Cute...congrats
  9. Cute! Congrats! pssst..hide it from annieb! shes going to :drool: :lol:
  10. It looks so cute on you. Bastardino is one of my favorites.
  11. Nice necklace, congrats :yahoo:
  12. wow thats super fast shipping!
    did you get charged customs? lol
    congrats! :biggrin:
  13. Yeah they ship pretty fast and its free too! I ordered shirts from them Monday and got them today (Wednesday).
  14. It IS cute, I want a bastardino necklace too. :sweatdrop:
    (still struggling with not getting a rainbow and a latte... this is gonna be hard.)
  15. It is very cute...

    ANd yes, the latte is not that BRIGHT in real life :sad: