Bayswaters in the outlets

  1. Has anyone ever seen the oak colour in any of the outlets? Also when is the best day/time to call them and bug them?

    Is emailing easier? Does anyone have the address?
  2. Try Cheshire oaks,have'nt seen an oak one in there but their stock changes all the time,I've seen red,nude,cream,orange,sheepskin and the choc oak leaf one. They open from 10 am so I guess anytime after that is good,I think they open a little later too as the are in an outlet village.

    07515 577 598
  3. I got an oak Bayswater from one of the outlets, so they do crop up. I called them a couple of times until I got my hands on one.
  4. Lovin your avatar!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry,bit ot!!!
  5. Hee hee thanks! It's my new baby! :heart:
  6. I emailed Bicester and York on friday and have not received a reply, so I guess your best bet is to phone them.
  7. Thanks guys, thats really helpful! Will contnue pestering them.