bayswater with strap

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  1. I'm looking to buy the bayswater with strap in the sales, but I would like to know if the bag is too heavy to carry on the shoulder for long periods of time? In particular when carrying items of considerable weight (such as a laptop).

    Also, does anyone have any issues regarding the way the strap is attached to the bag? I'm trying to gauge how the bag is held by the strap when weight is added/it is opened, if that makes sense? :confused1:

    Thanks guys. :smile:
  2. I’m worried about the same thing! Did you manage to try the bag? I’m choosing between the one with and without the strap.
  3. [​IMG]

    Are you looking for this style?

    I can tell you that the bag is heavy on its own. I commute by train to work and have to walk about 5 mins to the train station from parking lot, and another 5 mins from the train station to work. I use a bag insert as well so it does at a bit to the weight. If you plan on bringing lunch / water bottle but your should will feel it.

    I bought mine for almost a year and don’t really like carrying to work due to its weight. However, I must say the leather is very nice and thick for the price your paying during the sale period. Best thing to do is check it out at their boutique if there is one nearby. :smile:

    Please let me know if you have another questions.