bayswater with lining

  1. Anyone got one with a lining? On the Mulberry website the 'natural' leather chocolate bayswater bag is described as having a lining. Just wondered what they are like, does it add to the weight much? Also would the bag have 'feet' as they aren't mentioned in the description?
    (or could it be an error in the description???) :confused1:

  2. I think it is an error in the description as I can't see they would change the chocolate and not the black or oak.
  3. There is a pink one with a lining on eBay, 320149526380.
    I believe it is authentic, but I prefer them unlined, suits the style better, IMO.
  4. Hi , the vintage kenya is always lined , wonder if they mean self lined , as in inside of leather ! When they say natural lining it must mean leather lined so probably no lining at all , does that make any sense ???
  5. Mulberry are odd as some bags are lined and others not. Personally, if I'm spending that much cash I want lining! My Sohos are both lined and it doesn't add anything to the weight. The lining is lovely, embossed with the tree logo.
  6. Last week the lady in Mulberry boutique showed me some new bayswater bag with lining including one chocolate bag.
    I was also wondering why is the chocolate only has lining whereas the black and oak don't.
    It look more structured though. Both lined and unlined are beautiful. Unlined Darwin is so natural and vintage but lined one can fit laptop in it.
  7. Are all the newer ones all lined? Or do they still make both lined and unlined ones?

  8. i'd like to know that too, are they still making the chocolate darwin bayswater unlined??
  9. are you sure it was a darwin choc , not glove leather choc ?
  10. The SA showed me glove leather choc lined. The other black and oak darwin still unlined.
  11. the website says natural leather chocolate bayswater is lined so assume that is the same leather as darwin !?