Bayswater too formal?

  1. Hi Mulberry Gals! Do you consider the Bayswater to be:
    too big, and, too formal, i.e. conservative looking?
    I lead a casual lifestyle, yet I want to look classy.
    Talk to me!
    Any suggestions for a purchase for me?
  2. I think the Bayswater is great particularly for an urban chic casual lifestyle but not for too casual lifestyle as in, beach casual. I am assuming you have the latter lifestyle by your avatar?

    If I'm lucky enough to live by the beach and lead a casual lifestyle I would prefer the other iconic styles of Mulberry like the Annie or the Effie. The Brook is fine too but it's chain may become too hot in the tropics.

    My 2cents anyway...
  3. or.... how about the Mabel? I am really starting to like this bag a lot! With your casual lifestyle the different pockets of the Mabel would just be the right pocket for those hoard of Mai Tai receipts you'll accumulate in a week... :p
  4. How much or what do you want to carry in the bag and what is your lifestyle? I have an 'Annie' that I think of as my casual bag but I want to get a chocolate bayswater for work or occasions when I just want to look a bit more chic or 'put together'. However I think the oak coloured bayswater once a bit used/ beaten up would well suit a casual lifestyle! Not sure if this has helped!! What bags do you currently carry?
  5. I think the bayswater can look both formal and casual, depending on what material/colour you choose - a black congo bayswater could be a very formal bag, and say a pink darwin bayswater would be a much more playful and casual choice. It also depends a lot on how you dress and what you carry in your bag, of course. Where I live, the oak darwin bayswater is very popular, and I have seen this bag carried both as business briefcase together with a dark suit and as a slouchy handbag together with jeans and boots - it works equally well both ways.
  6. The Bayswater is a real chameleon, it can look incredibly classic with smart clothes or fantastically funky and casual with jeans & boots. The only time of year I, personally, wouldn't tend to carry it would be high summer. I don't think you can go wrong with a Bayswater but having seen the Mabel IRL that would be another great choice. It's so light (weight wise) that it might work better in your climate. I wasn't sold on it when it first came out but having seen it, it's definitely a classic.
  7. Great suggestions from the gals who know. I currently have a LV Blue Epi Petit Noe -- which I love. I also use a Gerard Darel 24 Heures in black and a Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo. I will look into the bags you suggest when next in New York. You ladies who haven't opined yet, I'd like your opinion, as you know the Mulberry line well, and you have the bags. All I have is a black Rosemary that I love but I don't love its teensy handles that you literally have to hold by hand. (I know it has a shoulder strap, but still.) I tend to have a car lifestyle. Thanks!
  8. I use my black darwin bayswater in place of a briefcase for work. I am always getting comments on how good it looks!
  9. I agree - the Bayswater can look both casual and quite smart. I love it and thinks it looks as good with my jeans as my work suits as Vicky said.

    I think as suggested the mabel is a fab bag and maybe just a little more casual. Also because of the size difference have you thought about the East/West or the ledbury. I think the Jaquetta would have been perfect but unfortunately they don't make it any more:nogood:
  10. have you thought about a phoebe - that would suit a casual lifestyle as long as you don't need to carry much stuff!
  11. Where can I see a Phoebe? It isn't on the Mulberry website.
  12. It's not in the current line. But there are threads here with people showing their Phoebes - think it's the show off your Mulberrys thread. Hope that helps.