Bayswater to be discontinued from A/W 2016 onwards??!

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  1. hi ladies, i was just told in the store (in Singapore) that the bayswater will be discontinued!!

    it has been confirmed that bayswater will not be available next season onwards. pretty sure the news got people buying, as the oak in NVT is completely sold out with no replenishments to be expected.

    has anyone heard the same?
  2. That would be so insane and spell the end of mulberry. Let's hope it is a strategy to sell some bags!
  3. Whaaat?!?!

    Surely the SA was mistaken. That would be utter madness...
  4. I would be surprised - the Bays has been one of their breadwinners and classics!!!
  5. I haven't heard this.
    And a "classics" section appeared on website, next to coca's freak show.

    I believe coca will rework bays design.
    Poppers down side, so bag will open to store flat--as true luxury items do. :P (oooh, sarcasm)
    Loveheart posted photos very kindly, in catwalk 2016 thread. To show these bays & other styles.
    Also, there was a bays with different color interior. Color pop stuff.

    But, my general impression has been that coca's stuff underwhelmed customers.
    So classics will pay the rent.
    Could be wrong, of course.
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  6. I would not be surprised as they continue with the rebranding. I have not heard about this though. I have one Bayswater I am happy with. I saw the Clifton yesterday. It looked like a celine trio with a flap and the leather was smooth (ie did not feel very scratch resistant).
    I haven't bought any mulberry bags since 2012. I am pretty certain I won't be buying anymore anytime soon.
  7. I've deleted the duplicated post and merged CP's response to this thread Celia.

    Am checking with Mulberry to see if they will confirm. :-s
  8. thanks Moo. I would think they have completely lost the plot if they got rid of classic bays. I would purchase my last bays in the summer sale and that would be it for me and mulberry :sad:

    the bayswater and the lily are their bread and butter bags. Getting rid of them would lead to more profit warnings.
  9. thank you & my apologies for the trouble.
    *meant to quote Mooshooshoo
  10. No trouble... ;)

    Waiting for a reply from Mulberry.
  11. im so hoping to hear news soon!
    my SA is waiting for me to confirm my purchase of the 2nd last available glossy goat in black w ghw :sweatdrop:
  12. No problem CP.

    I totally agree. I appreciate a brand must evolve, but dropping core classics would not make any economic sense at all :wtf:
  13. What the *^#$*(&????!!!!! This can't be true!
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459441037.387729.jpg

    I emailed Mulberry online and this was their response (hope the screenshot attaches okay!)
  15. Thank goodness for that! They can't get rid of my favourite mulberry style! Hehe.