Bayswater Shoulder

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  1. I've just received my Bayswater Shoulder bag and was curious where she was made but can't find the tag. Does anyone who own a Bays Shoulder know where I can find it? I don't know if I'm just being very blind!
  2. I think mine is in the main compartment, I had to take the lining out to see it. Not easy to find.
  3. I have noticed some of the 'made in' labels in the new bags are in the internal pockets not the main compartments.

  4. Yes, I found it in the internal zipped pocket in the main compartment. I must have not looked properly the first time as I did look in the zipper pockets! Thanks!
  5. Please share with pics if you can? :biggrin:
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390991836.366609.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390991923.501050.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390991931.300073.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390991942.716489.jpg

    I love the three locks but I feel like it might be a faff closing the bag! It's not something is normally go for as I prefer big bags but I wanted something smaller in my little bag collection.
  7. Love it. Just my type of bag.
  8. It looks fab not too small at the front zipped compartment
  9. This is lovely. I really wanted a medium Lily but it looked way to big on me so I went for this instead as an alternative & I am really pleased with it. You can also put the two small straps behind the main flap which makes it quicker to get into. The inside storage is great lots of big pockets for organising stuff. I was really impressed with this leather it feels much more structured & hardwearing compared to the red one which I sent back. It looks fab on you Congrats :ghi5:
  10. Ps, on the labels subject. My dz bays doesn't seem to have one. ??
  11. I also found it very difficult to find on my one, had to look a couple of time before I found it. Made in Turkey by the way which was a surprise. :thinking:

  12. Mine is also made in Turkey. Thanks for all your kind comments, I love her too :smile:
  13. I was just thinking it looked similar size to medium lily how much smaller is it?
  14. It is a lot bigger than the regular Lily. Compared to the Medium it is slightly less wide but quite a bit shorter in height. It is the same width & the inside pockets are very handy there is a large one inside that you cannot see from the pictures where the flap attaches to the inside. I also prefer the leather shoulder strap over the chain strap on the Medium Lily for a bag of this size. I really like the Medium Lily but sadly it just swamps me & this is a great alternative. It really is a very practical bag & one that I think you will get a lot of use out of. :smile::biggrin::smile: