Bayswater Shoe

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  1. Hi! Does anybody own a pair of the Bayswater Ballerina Flat? I saw them on line and they look incredible. If you do, can I ask your opinion on what they are like in person and fit.

    The Ballerina moccasin also looks cute too.

  2. I saw them in person, and tried on. I also tried on other models of mulberry footwear - several times. My impression was quite bad. And I never saw anyone buying shoes at Mulberry (having spent lots of time in Knightsbridge store). They feel "wooden" inflexible and uncomfortable. My apologies to all owners of mulberry shoes - it is only a personal view. I would never buy without trying on - you might have to send them back if you do. ~Prada feels like heaven after Mulberry, and Dior, too, the same pricetag, as well as those simple high street brands as Russell & Bromley, Hobbs, etc. that are cheaper. :graucho:
  3. Thanks korzinka. I want opinions as I would have to have them shipped. I have hard time with shoes. Sometimes cute doesn't always mean comfortable. Salvatore Ferragamo also has a nice shoe. I never tried Prada - will have to though :smile:

  4. When it comes to comfortable shoes I would always swear by Ferragamo - particularly if you're getting them shipped. The ones i've got just seem to get more and more comfortable each time I wear them! Also, I was at the unveiling of their SS10 collection at their Bond St store and they have some really beautiful pieces this year...
  5. Ferragamo is lovely! It is one of the most comfortable brands, sorry I forgot to mention. If you like Ferragamo, mulberry would not do!
  6. Thank you very much, ladies. I am rethinking my decision :smile:
  7. I had a really lucky find in Shepton recently. I got two pairs of the strappy sandals from two season ago; one in black and one in silver. They were £295 in the shops and I got them for £40 each. They have a really high heel (4inches) but are really well made and really comfortable. Can't fault them at all, especially at that price. Hope that helps. x
  8. Do you mean Shepton Mallet? Can you let me know the name of the shop? I'll have to check it out next time i'm in that neck of the woods!

    Has just occurred to me that i've never had any flats from Ferragamo, only kitten heels - would be interested to hear how well they last?
  9. It will have been the Mulberry factory shop, which is in Shepton Mallet :smile:
  10. Katatonic1; yes, Shepton Mallet. The SA said they get shoes fairly regularly and the lady before me purchased 7 pairs...