Bayswater satchel

  1. Hi guys
    Has anyone got any modelling shots of a Bayswater Satchel pretty please
    Claire xx
  2. I don't think that anyone has posted any model shots (that I can recall). I would love to see some too. It is a lovely little style xx
  3. Luvtare put modelling pics on a few weeks ago when I was still considering buying one. They showed the size really well.
  4. Luvtare's were in the Bayswater satchel v Alexa thread but they've been removed. Just looked.
  5. Hey DukeOfYork!
    I have the Small Bayswater Satchel in Oak Snakeprint! My first Mulberry purchase! I posted some modelling pics in the thread 'Which Mulberry are you carrying today?' They're on page 121. Hope you find them helpful! I love my little satchel, have used it every day since I bought it!

  6. ooh I love it, i love it I love it!!!!
    Damn, I was trying to not buy handbags but I may have just found a reason to break my drought! Your bag is stunning! :biggrin:
  7. Haha! Thank you! Have had it for almost 2 months now, have used it every day and love it! I find it the perfect size for me and the strap is so useful! I read somewhere on here that there are more colours coming out at the end of May - black/oak/chocolate. Maybe they'll be a more reasonable price....that's really the only down side I've found with my bag! :tdown:
  8. Jen console yourself with the fact that the new season is only likely to be more expensive - unlikely to be cheaper- mulberry are always putting up prices!!

  9. Hi Jen, I really love your bag. I'm new to Mulberry and is really falling for this bag. Do you find the leather getting softer with use? Is it still stiff? Do you use a purse organizer in it? Could you post a pic of something like 7-8 inches long? I have a woc and I want to see how it would look in there and if there is still room for other things. If there is anything else (even the cons) please let me know. TIA
  10. Thanks Elvis! That does console me slightly although it also makes me wonder what the heck Mulberry are playing at.....some of their prices are getting beyond ridiculous now! :-s
  11. How is the snake holding up, Jen? Are the scales ok or is it showing signs of wear? I think it is a stunning looking bag, I love it. xx
  12. Hi Mimster, thanks!
    Am happy to give you a review of the Bays Satchel but remember it is my first Mulberry purchase so I don't have anything to compare it to and am certainly not as wise as some of the ladies on here!
    To answer your questions.....yes, I think the leather has gotten a bit softer since I've owned it. The SA said it might not soften quite as much as the plain leather but it's definitely not as stiff as when I bought it (it was quite stiff when it was new). I don't use an organiser in it. Usually I carry a purse, slim diary, small make up bag, phone, inhaler, hand cream, small tub of vaseline and a mirror and there is still space for, say, a small umberella. I have posted a pic of the contents of my bag! I also took a picture of it beside a 500ml water bottle (which is 8.5 inches tall) and re-posted my modelling pics, which I hope will give you an idea of size.
    Pros so far: Perfect size for everyday. Strap/handles mean you can carry it cross-body, over one shoulder or in the crook of the arm and can hang it on the back of a chair when you're out for a meal, rather than putting it on the floor! Strap is removeable. Versatile colour. Snakeprint means any potential marks won't show too much. Lined in suede. Holds its shape. Classic Mulberry style!
    Cons so far: Price - ridiculous, even for such a fab bag!! I sometimes find it a bit fiddly to get in and out of in a hurry. I worried at first about the 'scales' on the snakeprint peeling back but it seems to be OK so far. I have noticed very slight wearing on the bottom corners, which I am monitoring closely. I feel like the leather on the flap might be slightly thinner than the rest of the bag(?) But I have heard of quality complaints with other recent styles so not sure if I'm just paranoid of if the flaps on original Bays are thinner?
    But really I am being picky here - I really do LOVE this bag! :yahoo:
    I will be interested to see what they bring out next season in this style....
    Bag1.jpg Bag2.jpg Bag3.jpg Bag5.jpg Bag6.jpg
  13. Hey! I was so paranoid about the scales when I first took it out! I think a couple did peel back a little at first but that seems to have stopped now so I'm not sure it's going to be a problem after all. I think it will add to the 'aged' effect if anything (at least I HOPE it will! ;))
  14. It looks beautiful on you, Jen! I really like it. Great review too, thanks xx