Bayswater satchel or normal size as everyday go-to bag?

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  1. If you were to choose an everyday bag to last for years, which size woud you choose?

    I dont work or study atm so I wont carry laptop/books,,

    Pros and cons?:confused1:
  2. What I usually carry:

    -Small MBMJ coin purse
    -iPad mini
    -Small daily planner
  3. Hi, really depends how much you carry

    I prefer small to medium sized bags and have found that SBS is a perfect size for me

    Carry cross body, crook of arm or hand
    Easy access - one turn and flap opens to reveal a full opening

    Full mulberry DNA

    Like a tardis - holds continental size purse, keys, phones, makeup bags and plenty more

    These if course aren't unique to SBS as you will get this will a full size bays

    Hard wearing leather, any marks seem to buff right out

    Smell is divine

    Cons - None for me, total all rounder IMO

    Full says bays - never had one as always found them too big for my needs
  4. Regular bays has been my go-to bag for years.
    I own several varieties.
    But not an sbs.

    Pros/cons really depend upon how use bags.
    And whether "crossbody option" is something which causes giddy cartwheels or can be done without.
    Also, climate.
    Because a regular bays becomes leather slab o' sweat, when pressed against side on scorching sun-fun days.

    Best luck choosing. :smile:
  5. I have both bags and for me, the Bayswater is my work bag and my small Bays is my weekend or going out bag...
  6. judging but what you carry I would say you would be better suited to a Bayswater Satchel due to its size, but im with the other ladies. I would go Bayswaters all the way. They are my "go to" bag even when im carrying less... :smile:
  7. I just got my first Bayswater this weekend, I compared with the small satchel and although I'm sure it was plenty big enough to fit the things I carry most days, I had to choose the Bayswater, which to be honest is bigger than I need but I loved the look of it more and how it felt. I'd def recommend trying both out if you cam made my decision very easy.
  8. #8 Mar 15, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
    A Bayswater all the way, as they are just so beautiful.
    The SBS is cute though.
    I think remainsilly was spot on with asking if you want to wear your bag crossbody.
    I have a mini Alexa for days when I want a crossbody.
    Enjoy looking. :biggrin:
  9. Sbs is too small for me bays all the way
  10. I faced the same question and got a Bays. SBS is cute, but too small for my daily commuting needs.

    Do you have a store near you? You could put your daily stuff in both bags and compare.

    Good luck deciding.