Bayswater sandals - Reviews?

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  1. #1 Mar 23, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014
    Happy Sunday to all of you Mulberry lovers!

    I was once again visiting the Mulberry website during my break from studying and drooling over the beautiful Willows and the purses, and then I visited the shoes section and I fall in love with the Bayswater sandals!!

    They are so pretty and the price is reasonable for Mulberry items so I am thinking it could be my exam present.

    The only issue is that I am nowhere close to a Mulberry store to try them on, so my question to you is "how are they?". Are they comfy? Are they true to size in length and width? I am a UK 6.5, but I have slightly wide feet. E.g. the popular Sam Edelman sandals don't fit my feet at all. I generally don't try on sandals because of this fear that they won't fit me and I will feel really bad about it! :sad:

    The only sandals I wear are Havaianas and Birkenstock (I know, not very fashionable for some! ;) ) and those fit because the shoes generally have a wide fit.

    So what are your views on the Bayswater sandals??
  2. You could email mulberry customer services and ask the width of the shoe I am sure they would answer quickly I have found mulberry to be true to size if you ordered by phone then distance selling regulations would allow you return them if they didn't fit well might be worth a try?
  3. I just tried these on a couple of weeks ago-I normally wear a 38 in Birkenstocks or Prada shoes, a 38 or 38.5 in Lanvin flats, US women's 7.5 in Superga sneakers, and a US women's 7 in Converse sneakers. The sandals ran a bit short on me, such that a 39 fit much better. The width can vary a bit because of the way the strap winds around the foot.

    What color are you thinking of? I could not decide, so I have not yet purchased.

  4. Thanks that is very useful! I was thinking oak, but there is no stock of that online so black it is then! ;)
  5. They are actually pretty and reasonable. I just bought them and I really like it. You can also try and you will not get disappointed with it.

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  6. I have these in M pink :biggrin: but had to go up to a 40 from my usual 38! They are narrow imo and so if youre at all wider-footed, go up at least 1 size :biggrin:
  7. Won't they look odd though?
  8. I think in all recent mulberry sandals ive had to go up one size so I wouldnt worry about it if you do as I know a couple of other people who have had to do the same. They do not look big though, just how my normal size would fit