Bayswater Rio bag

  1. Do all Bayswater bags have brass feet on the bottom to protect from wear? Also what is the difference between a Bayswater and a Bayswater Rio. Thanks
  2. Miffy!!! Hello !!!! I love your name!!!! I watch Miffy with my little one,so cute!!![​IMG]

    But I don't have much of a clue about rio leather,sorry,but I'm positive someone on here will know.Welcome to the Mulberry forum!!! Strap yourself in,it can be a bit of a white knuckle ride humour wise!!!!
  3. I know not all bayswaters have 'feet' - some of the special editions don't. can't really help with the rio bayswater question. Sorry!!!!
  4. Rio is the name of the leather. It crops up in various styles of bags - I've recently seen Antonys and Bayswaters made from rio.
  5. Thank -you I so want a Bayswater having decided I'm not going to get a bargain Birkin. Has anyone been tothe factory shop at Shepton mallet and got a bargain.
  6. sarajane I think has got most of her mulberries from shepoton mallet. there are also outlets at York, bicester and cheshire oaks. They often have bayswaters at the outlets but it's more difficult to find the regular natural leather black, oak and chocolate bayswaters there. It's often the more unusual colours or last seasons bags. They are normally £346 at the outlet but some of the special editions are £416 ( like my choco ivy bayswater)
  7. The bayswaters in rio leather are generally retail specials; poppy is the most commonly made colour for a special in rio, and wouldn't have feet or the padlock and keys.