Bayswater questions, Need some advice


Sep 16, 2010
Hello, i went to the Mulberry Factory Store at Shepton Mallet today (we got a bit lost finding it went around a block twice, my amazing directions).

Only took a photo of the sign, isnt it a beautiful shop!!!!

I saw a really nice Bayswater in a metallic gold, i dont exactly remember the colour but i really liked it, i have been looking on here for pictures??

Im not too sure if it was like this or not now: -

I really cant remember i wish i took longer to look at it properly, has anyone been there recently and would remember or any outlet that might have a similar bag??

Well my quesitons were: -

Will the colour rub of, or would things stain it??

Can you fit the bag over your shoulder (Pics if possible)

Is it comfy to carry seen as it has rounded handles?

Any problems you have had with the bag?

Does it hold alot?

Is it heavy?

Good and bad points?

Any threads you could show me to help would be amazing, im really considering the bag as if it looked like what it does in my head it was really beautiful, im going to phone SM tomorow to buy it if its wihitn my price range (i didnt look at the price)

Also do Muberry do returns??

Thank you in advance, sorry about all the questions, but when i seem to ask them all i seem to get lots of really helpful advice and most the time it seems to help me decide! :smile:

Your all so helpful!!!! Thank you so much!!!! :yahoo:


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
I love the Bayswater style. It's super classy and elegant but can be a workhorse, too, if you want to carry a laptop or books, etc.

It is best carried on the crook of the arm or by hand, at least for me personally. I can fit it over my shoulder but not if I'm wearing a coat, and the handles slip off anyway. The handles are comfy though.

I'm not sure about the leather you've described so can't comment on how it might wear. Sorry! I know that the gunmetal and bronze bags of old did lose their metallic finish and the underlying colours eventually would show.

The Bays can indeed be heavy, but that depends on the leather. My goatskin Bays is very light, much lighter than the Darwin Bays and even the newer NVT. Antiqued leather is probably the lightest.

Re problems, you have to be aware of the piping down the sides and corners as it shows wear easily and can eventually wear so much that the piping underneath shows through. This is usually seen on bags that have been abused though, so I'm sure yours would be fine!

There is a thread entitled How much does your bag weigh which is very useful for comparing the different styles and leathers. I don't think it's been made a sticky in the reference library so you'll have to do a search for it.


Jan 4, 2010
...have seen a metallic one in York factory shop, but that one was more metallic "brownish" not really a golden one as your pic shows.

the brownish one was lovely too and was almost going to take her home! maybe give a call first and those SAs would be happy to check for you! the price was somewhere between 385~440
Jul 9, 2009
outlet bays used to be £385 last year esther- how long ago was this? Im sure they are all £486 now. but there is a bronze metallic one on ebay now- need to have it authenticated though but I recall it was a good price


Sep 16, 2010
Yeah it was nice, i didnt stay there too long as we wanted to go to Cribbs, we had such a good adventrure, had a very good weekend :biggrin: