Bayswater Question from Mulberry Newbie

  1. Hi all! I'm usually in LV forum, but have been peeking in other forums recently. I want a Mulberry Bayswater in Black. It is so chic and classic looking. But, does it fit over your shoulder? I've tried searching, but most of the pics are of the bags just sitting there. TIA!
  2. Thanks so much! You have answered my question! Now, I'm off to hunt for my bag--will be back with pics/details after I get it!!!
  3. Happy hunting!!!
  4. Alexis77,

    Have fun hunting! I absolutely A-D-O-R-E my Black Bays and get so many stinkin compliments. I'm not kidding. It's such a classy bag, and women love it. I can definitely carry it on my shoulder. I haven't tried it with a huge coat yet, but it fits fine over a blazer.

    You're going to love it!!!!
  5. Great choice, Alexis! I love my black bayswater :heart:. I use it as a work bag all the time, and it does fit very well over my shoulder. I find that the drop of the handles does vary a little, depending on what style you choose - my black glacé bayswater has slightly longer handles than my tooled bayswater, so you might want to try on different styles to find one that fits comfortably. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for your advice, ladies. I haven't been this excited about a bag in such a long time! I've heard of Mulberry before, but it wasn't until one of my friends who is from England but living in the US, mentioned it in a conversation. Then I began searching on the internet and then finally came in here to check it out. I love the look of the Bayswater--so elegant but also practical. You guys are great!