Bayswater Padlock

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  1. Hi. I am new to the Mulberry brand and just purchased the Bayswater Bag in the Chocolate Brown. I must admit it is stunning and I just love it. I also got the continental wallet in the chocolate brown too. I couldn't resist.

    I do have a question regarding the padlock/key set that is located in the little leather holder that is attached/tied to the bag. Please excuse me for my ignorance but is that something that stays on the bag or should it be removed? It looks as if it can easily be removed from the bag as it is tied on. I am afraid that it will somehow come off and I will loose the whole piece (holder and all).

    If anybody could help me with this question, I would greatly appreciate it. :smile:
  2. Hi welcome to Mulberry house!! :welcome2:

    As for the padlock/key - or crochet whatever you call it, yes you can leave it or remove it. I never heard anybody lost it except one tPFer, amongst so many of us with so many Bayswater.

    Some people prefer to remove it all together (it does get in a way for opening the flap sometimes), some attach the keyring on to crochet (since some of Mulberry keyring is too narrow for the handle itself!), but majority of us just leave it as it is. Outlet special Bayswater often doens't have crochet so in that case no choice.

    Can you post pics for us to drool.....??? Sad I know but it's becoming my nature...
  3. I leave mine on.
    The one time I decided to take it off, the cloche fell off and I was lucky to find it.
  4. I keep them on unless the leather is very springy and I think they are likely to fall off. (I have taken them of my Putty Leopard Bayswater and my Green Goatskin Bayswater for that reason).
  5. Am I the only one who really hates it? I removed mine the day I got my Bays, I always they looked stupid and it's mostly on the way when opening the flap.

  6. I take mine off too as they get in the way when i open the bag. I do like the look of them though
  7. If I'm in and out the bag a lot, I put the clochette on the back handle. Sometimes I'll bend the flap back too and carry the bag "wrong way round", with the suede flap and clochette showing and the postmans lock to the inside. That way I can get in and out without opening.

    I wouldn't do it on a busy street though and would always have a scarf over the contents.

    I couldn't not have the clochette though.
  8. Hi I just received my Oak Bayswater and I am seriously in love.
    Its stunning and I think my dreams of a Birkin have been laid to rest for the time!
    Just one thing I can't find the key! It wasn't in the lock and its not in the bag or any of the pockets.
    Any ideas?
  9. Is it new, it sounds like the new lock. It is magnetic, you just pull it apart, no keys.
  10. Great quesions! Just got my first bayswater today (chocolate from Matches Fashion - gorgeous adn MF were great! Was wondering the same things :P. Off to check whether my lock is magnetic right now!!!