Bayswater or Roxanne??

  1. Help! As a first time Mulberry buyer, I find myself in a fix. I am between the ROxanne and he Bayswater, between black and oak and also unsure whether to get natural leather or the printed leather?? I tend to wear black - original that.

    Buying my first Mulberry bag is a really big thing for me - please give me some advice!!

  2. I just had the same dilemma. I went for the Oak Bayswater, I felt it was such a classic style I would never tire of it. The oak seemed a softer colour and again I felt that I wouldn't tire of it. I think it will go with everything.
  3. Definately oak , I have both and love them but Roxy is my favourite. The original "it" bag.
  4. Hi Folks!

    To me Bayswater is the ultimate Mulberry bag - I think it will never change & never dates. Roxy is more casual. It depends on the type of look you want, I think.

  5. i say oak bayswater..... its next on my hit list! ;)
  6. i like the roxy best, i feel the bayswater is an older style and the roxy is a younger more casual bag, this is my next bag.

    i nearly bought a olive rosemary (the smaller roxy) i regret not getting it everyday!
  7. Can`t go wrong with the bayswater its just a classic and will never date, you will be able to bring it out season after season...can`t say that with many bags!!
  8. ^^^ Have to agree with Tara. Bayswater is such a classic looking bag. I am loving mine in black, but would also love to have oak and/or choco too!!
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bayswater is the ULTIMATE Mulberry bag. Whatever you'll always still keep wanting a Bayswater. So, just buy it now and "get it over with!" I have one and I have a black Antony. I love both -- but I feel complete and very Mulberry with my Oak Bayswater.
  10. Roxanne!
  11. I would go for the Bayswater in Oak. Bayswater because it's the signature Mulberry bag and Oak because it only looks better with time.
  12. I have a roxy and a bayswater. The colour choice is easy. OAK without a doubt. I would prefer the bayswater,but it's up to you which style you prefer.
  13. I vote oak bayswater- classic gorgeous bag. It can be dressed up or down and oak looks fab with black. Roxanne is a lovely bag but not as versatile IMO.
  14. I love you all for replying to this momentous decision in my life!! Any more opinions would be very much welcome too.
    If I go for oak, what about natural versus printed leather? Which ages better?
    This forum is great.
  15. I know this is a question that has been up before but how long has Bayswater and Roxanne been around???

    Go for both:graucho:!