Bayswater on petite ladies?

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  1. #16 Apr 12, 2016
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    Oooh - exciting times; graduation and new Bayswater! Do you have any particular leathers or colours in mind, Ellzee? I can wholeheartedly recommend them and I'm only 5'5" on a good day! 😉

    It's worth bearing in mind that they can be quite heavy, even when empty, depending on the leather - Womble, in my avatar, is very light with a gorgeous sheepskin lining but I recently carried my nvt oak girlie around London, on a two day sightseeing trip, and really knew I had her with me! I also struggled to carry her comfortably on my shoulder, but not everyone has this problem. That said, I wouldn't part with any of my Bays - I consider them to be the most iconic, classic Mulberry - and Miss Oaky was really safe and roomy. I'd strongly recommend the Love Lolo liners - they transform the interior from a black hole into a haven of organised calm! ☺️

    I'll attempt to attach a pic of my oak girl with a teal blue Love Lolo liner inside:

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  2. I know what you mean - I'm 5'2 and I was worried about this too. But I think it looks fine on me so go get one! It's a classic, perfect way to celebrate.

    Agree it is a heavy bag even when empty so something to bear in mind
  3. Thank you!!

    I have my heart set on the Oxblood 'standard' leather :love: (as in, not the ostrich or printed croc - don't know the terminology very well yet haha) but your bag has a gorgeous colour, I might be swayed yet!
  4. Thank you; I do have a passion for oak but I think oxblood is a gorgeous colour; I was lusting after the oxblood SBS and Mini Lily in the Covent Garden Mulberry during my London trip! I have to confess to owning 11 Bayswaters, three of which I have yet to carry ... I'll fish them all out tomorrow and get them lined up for a photo call!
  5. The Bayswater is on the heavy side....

    It's a perfect everyday bag for work if you do not carry a laptop around.
    My laptop actually fits in my Bayswater, but together with the other stuff, the bag becomes too heavy.
  6. CONGRATS on upcoming graduation!! WOOT! I'm 5'3" & have a Bays that I use for work (I use smaller bags for casual) I don't think it's too big on my frame, plus it holds a lot which I need it to for work. Maybe google a celebrity that resembles your height /frame & see if there are any pics carrying Mulb Bays....worst case scenario if you get one & do not like it for whatever reason, make sure the return policy is good for you. All the best! :Partyhat:
  7. I'm 5'5" and have a few bays but also a small bays buckle which is a great smaller option with the same look. Congrats on your graduation btw :smile:
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    I'm 5' 4" and have never thought it looks too big on myself or anyone shorter. If you carry lots and like a big bag they are perfect, if you don't have too far to walk. The Oxblood is gorgeous and goes with everything. I found the SBS too small for my needs.

    This may help you with weight, "How much does your Mulberry weigh" the Oxblood is showing at 1.25kg

    There is of course the new Coca Bays which is supposed to be a bit lighter
  9. I just googled lovelolo and found out that their website is down :sad: Still, that means I have time to think about what colour I would like. I have an oak embossed croc print bayswater ... The gold looks lovely, and so do natural and cream ... does anyone else use a love lolo liner with their oak bayswater? What colours do you have? :biggrin:

  10. Congrats on your graduation! I graduated last year and remember the great feeling!! :smile:

    I'm 5'1/5'2 and I wear my Bays almost everyday to work :smile: At first I found it a little big on me but I figured as long as I love the bag, it doesn't matter that I don't have me a 5'10 model frame ;)

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  11. This looks gorgeous on you, it definitely doesn't matter if you're not 5"10" ...................Mulberry need more natural models ;)
  12. Me thinks you look lovely! Better than a model!!
  13. Aw thanks, Mulberrygal and CP, you made my day :hbeat: The most important thing is that we feel good and confident no matter what hight and size.
  14. I'm also 5'3"; I usually carry my 15" laptop with me to work in the black Bays-does get a bit heavy, but I'm used to hefty bags. Go for it! The style is so versatile.
  15. :love::cloud9: LOVE it...looks AMAZING on you! Quite perfect indeed!:ps: