Bayswater - new or heritage?

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  1. I’m looking to get a new black bag
    I can’t decide between a bays new or heritage and sac de jour
    I’m in my mid 30s and soon to have a baby. This will be my only designer bigger bag
    I like the strap and structure on the new bays but the leather can look cheaper imo than the original? This is based on photos only%!
    I love sdj look but am worried there is no closure... please help!!
  2. Hey, and congrats!
    I just chose to buy the heritage bayswater because it's a classic and looked softer and more valuable/casual and versatile somehow than the new ones. I also appreciate the feet.

    It should arrives in a few days.

    If it helps, I'm in my early 30's and pregnant with baby number 2.
    I'm really confident that it will fit everything for both kids since it is huge!
    This will be the largest sized designer bag I own, too.
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  3. Thank you and congrats to you too. How exciting. Which colour did you go for? Did you see both in person? I’m still tempted by the zip and strap...thinking I may need to be hands free and practical? But the other one does look luxurious..
  4. I got the oak natural grain.
    And I actually bought online.

    If your gut wants zipped to keep your items at fingers reach, and a strap for free hands you should definitely go for it. These bags are all super beautiful! so I feel your pain lol
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