Bayswater Lifestyle...

  1. Hi ladies! I'm getting the idea from reading your Bayswater threads and seeing your pix, that you are all young career women, who look stylish carrying your Bayswater to work... I'm in my 50's, very chic, but don't work in an office anymore; I work at home. I have a car lifestyle. (I'm not riding subways and walking great distances...) I LOVE Bayswater, but am wondering if maybe I don't have a lifestyle need for this handbag. Does it fit into my life? :confused1: Or should I just enjoy your owning it and get something else. :girlsigh:
  2. I think a Bayswater will fit into your life! It`s a classic and chic bag you will love. I think the bag can be used in many occasions,not just work. You can dress the bag up and down, and it suits women in all ages imo.

    (sorry for bad english! I`m norwegian..) :smile:
  3. Hey's dcblam again!
    Interesting observation......BUT I'm 47, do volunteer work at museums, and have a totally casual lifestyle. I just love the classic, but casual look of the bag. It's sophisticated and polished without being stuffy and there are times when I want this "look" when I carry a bag.
    IMO, it's a bag for any and every age - regardless of vocation.
    Have fun figuring it out and let us know how your trek to NYC fares!
  4. I think it could work with your lifestyle. Personally I don't think it's a bag I'd want to tote around town shopping or anything because of the weight but it will suit me for work and I think it will fit you 'car' based lifestyle. The great thing about the bayswater is that it looks great both casual and more dressed up. When you get to new York- try all the colours and leathers on. I can see you with a gorgeous oak bayswater and a lovely chocolate Antony bag in your suitcase on the way home!;)
  5. It's interesting how we come across. I'm 44, run my own one-man PR company and work from home. I'd love to think I'm chic and I do try to dress up for my home office but have been known to work in my PJs! I think Bayswater would be a great bag for you - perhaps a colour rather than the traditional black or brown to suit your lifestyle. The purple looked lovely.
    Have fun in NYC, we're on our way back there next spring, I just love the place.
  6. Flyvetjo! You know me too well...! I'm actually leaning towards the oak darwin bayswater and an antony...! LOLOLOL. I did like the nice purple one too...! I think my time has come for more Mulberry. Thanks for all your comments and I look forward to sharing my news with you, at the end of November. I mean, how can you NOT own a Bayswater? It is a totally fab bag!
  7. Hey, I'm 44 too! :yes:

    I do work outside the home, but I do digital media research so the dress code varies greatly. Sometimes I need to wear a suit, sometimes I can come to work in Levi's and sneakers. The Bayswater appealed to me for exactly that reason -- it will fit in perfectly either way. It can look polished and professional or relaxed and casual, and can be dressed up or down - I could tie a Hermes twilly on it to give it a classic look, or some chunky amber beads for a hippie vibe. Yays for Bays!

    FWIW, I'm convinced that my next Mulberry will be an Antony too. :p
  8. I'm 34 and I work in a casual environment (university). I almost never wear a suit to work, usually dark jeans and a top. I like the way the Bayswater is both casual and smart (if that's possible). It gives an edge to my usual scruffy attire.
  9. All these posts show one thing - Bayswater is a great all round bag. We all have different requirements but it works for us all.