Bayswater.. Interior lining???

  1. Hi, I'm obviously a newie to Mulberry.. i recently saw one on eBay but it had lining in the interior. I thought most Mulberrys were unlined...
    does the lining differ by the type of leather used?
  2. My bronze Bayswater is glove and that's got a lining so possibly the glove/tumbled leather ones are lined.
  3. the darwin ones tend to not have a lining. saying that on the Mulberry website last year they described the chocolate natural leather bayswater as having a lining but i don't know if that was an error on the website. I agree with ditab- think the glove bays have linings.
  4. I haven't seen a Darwin leather one with lining so far - my only that is lined is my purple glove leather.
  5. I have a Bayswater, Oak, and it doesn't bother me that it isn't lined. That's part of its hearty charm, and the "old" Mulberry look -- all that leather... The new bags seem "daintier..."
  6. Mine is unlined. Bought from the website in december last year.
  7. I've had a couple of different bayswaters, a gold glove, a lagoon in an oak/gold version, a tooled in choco and a classic oak - all unlined.
  8. Hello

    I have a couple of Bayswaters - the Darwins are unlined, but the glove leather one is lined, if that's any help.

  9. My East-West Bayswater is lined. It's oak printed leather.
  10. Agree that the Darwin and natural leathers tend to be unlined.
    My new Mollie is natural leather and it is lined, which annoys me a bit.
  11. My purple patent is unlined though.
  12. i have a mulberry bayswater in antique glace with no lining. bought from Saks

  13. Just wondered, what dont you like about the lining kerilynn? :smile: