Bayswater in Leopard Ponyskin

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  1. Hi all

    Does anyone have this bag, Mulberry bayswater in leopard ponyskin? Is it good quality, will it stand the test of time?

    I am seriously considering buying one but I am wondering if you can let me know what you think?

    Thank you

    Tolly x:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Hi Tolly. If it's the one on eBay it is very special but I don't know how they wear. There are a few ladies with pony hair bags and they will probably be around later.
  3. Thanks bluecat.. I want butter alexa too! Will call Mulberry tomorrow to find out when it will be in stock again.. i cant bear the waiting!!

    Tolly x
  4. John Lewis had some regular butter Alexa bags last time I looked .. if that helps? :biggrin:

    As for the other bag .. I have one in calf hair & so far so good .. but I dont use it as an everyday bag & this certainly isnt recommended.
  5. Hi Tolly, I have a bays in black calf hair. I always feel special when I carry that bag. I don't use her as an everyday bag . So far she is holding up fine. No wear and tear. Corners fine. All the calf hair intact. I have had her for 12 months. HTH
  6. Thank you Thank you LMM!!

    I will buy bayswater as wanted one for five years!! but alexa..mmmmm I cant wait to order one now!

    Thank you xxx
  7. Tolly, I had a stroke of it just this morning in Harrods. My daughter adored it - I dont usually "do" hairy bags, but its really eye catching :smile:
  8. Oh really chloe? I have actually never seen or touch one but I adore anything with animal print! especially if its mulberry lol!! Was it 'hairy' bayswater or was it a clutch?

    Caemc - yeah I wont be using it everyday, just on specials days....ho ho hum..god i love my mulberries..Fingers crossed!! xx
  9. I have that bag, and it's one of my most treasured possessions.
  10. Oh my god!! Bags and shoes!! I have made a bid for it and now i have won!! Thank you to purse forum for authenticating the bag for me.. The seller said she has packed it up and will send it to me tomorrow...I think i am going to faint.... I paid £450.. second hand.. Does anyone know the original price?

    Now i have five mulberry bags to be proud of!!.. Shame that my family dont share my passion for mulberries.. Now.. my husband doesnt know anything about it... hmm.. and he never will! I will tell him its only 20 quids from primark and he will be the none the wiser!! He has no sense about fashion..

    I love this forum!! I wished i joined years ago!!

    Now gotta save hard this month for THAT alexa bag!! xxx
  11. Whoo hoo received my leopard print bayswater bag today!! Its even more beautiful than I could ever imagined.. My heart literially skipped a beat when i first opened it. its mine for keeps... Wish my hubby could understand me more!! xxx:biggrin:
  12. oh congrats!
  13. congrats, can't wait to see pictures

  14. Oh, should I? H'mmm what a good idea, especially for insurance purposes,,, will do it soon! xx:cool: