Bayswater in Grey Patent Leather

  1. Hello ladies!!

    I am thinking of buying my first mulberry and I really really love the patent bayswater. Ofcourse the most perfect colour is purple (!!!) but I actually need a grey bag.
    I read at the mulberry site that the grey one has gold hardware. Have you ever seen it in person? Is it beautiful? Is it dark grey or greenish grey? I can't really tell from the stock picture.

    Thanks in advance! :rolleyes:
  2. Hi

    I have seen this one in the flesh so to speak and must say I was a bit disappointed. It is a pale grey and I wasn't keen on the gold fastenings. It looked much nicer and more expensive in the chestnut brown patent (loved that one) it also looked nice in the silver which is an understated silver so may pass as pale grey.

    good luck - I am after a Bayswater or a Mabel and just can't decide which colour or style to get!
  3. Thanks for letting my know!

    I am a bit dissappointed because I thought that it would be nice..

    I'll just have to look for something else then
  4. I have to agree, the colour IRL was a little disappointing, out of all of the patent bayswater this is not my favourite - sorry
  5. If you can get to see the bags in real life it would be worth it. What some people love others don't like. It's very individual! Bayswater is a great style but personally i love the darwin leather bags. Not keen on the patent.
  6. I love the patent bags -but think these are not everyday bags so to have one you have to have as part of your collection.

    I also love the silver bayswater bag another one thats not very practical.

    Thats the good thing about Mulberry there is such a good selection of colours and styles to suit us all.
  7. Thanks for you replies!!

    I think that the best would be to see it in person but I can't!

    I hope that someone will buy it and then post some pictures!!