Bayswater, I need some help

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I'm new in here... I just bought a Bayswater in black this week from another girl. It came with a reciept and dustbag. I'm just a little worried of its authencity. Can somebody take a look at the pics I've uploaded in an album called Bayswater. Click on my username, and then I hope the album will be shown.

    Thank you:nuts:
  2. Welcome! The Bays looks okay to me. In the future you can better post your pictures and questions regarding authenticity, on the "Authenticate this Mulberry" thread! All the experts will have a look then.
  3. Hej Christina, your Bays looks good. Congrats. And welcome to the forum. Always nice to see another Dane.
  4. Tak tak for du lige kiggede:smile:/Thanks for looking...