Bayswater History - anyone know when it was first issued?

  1. Oh ladies in the know.....
    I like to know a bit more about my bags, and I have no idea when this style was released by Mulberry. Have there been any style changes/modifications (besides the changes in leather offerings) to the design?
    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I actually haven't got the faintest idea. My Mulberry obsession only kicked in in November 2006!!!! Hopefully someone will know:shrugs:
  3. Mmmmm,I have to say I would'nt have a clue either,but I think they are a gorgeous and iconic bag that looks set to run and run,so if your thinking of getting one and are worried it will be outdated,that really does'nt seem to happen with Mulberries,not the same way it seems to happen to any other bags at any rate.Since I have been on here some of the styles seem to be still sought after in the outlet shops,that has given me a lot of bravery and got a Babington from an outlet shop,SA's in the Manchester boutique had'nt even heard of it(but they're idiots anyway),but I love the classic-ness,I think it goes for all of them really.
  4. my curiosity has peaked even more and I have just spoken with an SA in NYC to ask the same question and got the "I don't know" but will look into it for, if and when I hear back from them, I will post the answer. From just a cursory Google-search, it's either 2003 or 2004.

    chaz -
    I just bought my Bayswater for the exact reason - timeless design that can be casual or dressy. Just what I wanted - and in purple leather too!!!
  5. ooooooooooh gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! congrats,or have you posted pics on here and I am being numb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oooooo, just checked.....................and you have.....................what an idiot!!!!!!!!!
  7. I think spring/summer 2004. They had an advertising with a Bayswater leaning against a tree and I fell completely in love with it at the time. I remember the year because it was my last year at uni and I really could not justify spending my (father's) money on it at the time - I bought one the following year when I stared working and still ove it so much.
  8. My guess is it came out in late 2003 (only in oak) - I think that's when I got my first one, and I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any time after first seeing it!
  9. Actually I think Bayswater has been around for a lot longer than that. It is the iconic Mulberry bag and I think the more recent versions are a funkier revamp of a classic bag. I've been going to Mulberry for around 12 yrs and I've seen that style for a long time. It may have been called something else then.