Bayswater help!

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  1. Hello,

    I'm fairly new to this forum! A month or two ago my hubby treated me to my first mulberry for my birthday on a spur of the moment whilst we were at Bicester. I didn't want to waste the opportunity buy there wasn't much stock in and I chose a postmans lock satchel in black soft spongy leather. I do love it, it's so easy to look after and so lovely and soft which I love, but it's not really what I have always wanted.

    I always wanted a Bayswater and I just will not be satisfied until I get one I think

    So I'm tempted with either the graphite bays or a printed oak or chocolate Bays. (Both currently in the outlet)

    Which would you go for? I absolutely do not want a leather which I can't take out in the rain or have to baby it too much, is the printed NVT hard to look after?

    Any advice?

    Thanks ladies
  2. I have a chocolate croc print Bayswater and I use it for work every day, it's bullet proof!:lol:
    The rain runs off it, it goes with everything, the handles are long enough on mine to wear on my shoulder, and it's huge!
    Plus being the printed leather it's quite rigid and doesn't collapse in a heap! I love it ;)
  3. Hi there Jemstar and welcome to the forum. Personally I'm not sure what leather the graphite Bays is made of but you can't go wrong with any bag made in N.V.T. leather. Also if you treat it with Collonil Waterproofing spray which Mulberry recommend, it will protect it from a shower or two of rain and the minor spill and also colour rub off dark jeans etc. I think there are further leather care details in the forum reference library which is worth a look too. Hope this helps a little and good luck and have lots of fun choosing your new beauty of a Bayswater.
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    For me NVT requires lots of babying.. I don't mind personnaly but it doesn't seem to be what you want Jemstar. I would go for printed!
  5. Thanks ladies,

    I think I need to make sure I totally happy with my decision this time!

    I'm hoping the bays isn't too big for me, I do love the SBS too but I think that will be just too small.
  6. Hello! I don't think you can go wrong with either but my vote would have to go to graphite Bays. Out of my 4 Bays the graphite is my fave, goes with everything, needs no special care (I don't baby my bags either!) and is totally waterproof (the rain just rolls right off her!) even though I haven't sprayed her with anything. Good luck deciding, and please reveal when you get one!
  7. I agree, love my graphite bays, it goes with everything.
  8. Welcome, would be interested to know what you didn't like as I nearly
    Bought the PLS before they sold out

    Printed bays gets my vote or the graphite if you can get one with suede lining
  9. Oh there's nothing I don't like about my PLS, I really like it! I've just always coveted a Bayswater and I don't think I'll be satisfied until I get one!
  10. I love my graphite bays, really doesn't need any looking after
  11. Oak printed bays gets my vote
  12. And mine it is an absolute icon
  13. I was exactly the same as you. I had a couple of other Mulberry bags before I got my Bayswater and although I love them until I had a Bayswater I just wasn't satisfied as that was what I really wanted. I'm sure any of the colours you're looking at will be lovely but you won't be happy until you have one!

    (P.s - then I wanted a different colour Bayswater 😆)
  14. Lol thats why i have 12
  15. Haha - I have 3 but 'just need a black one now'!!