Bayswater East-West

  1. I am thinking about getting this in oak and want to know your opinion on this bag. Does the style work in the smaller size?

    I have the traditional bayswater in dark brown croc-type leather. I love it but it is quite heavy and I do want something lighter... Any suggestions?

  2. To me the Bayswater style works best in the larger size. If I were going to buy a smaller bag I would rather choose the Smithfield, gorgeous!!!!
  3. hi I went for the Ledbury as I have trouble with my neck/back and shoulder bags. I also looked at the E/W and thought it looked lovely, unfortunately it looked better on the shoulder than hand held, hence the Ledbury.
    If I could I would definately have gone for the E/W
  4. I have all three, Bayswater, E/W Bayswater, and Ledbury. Of the 3 I use E/W the most as it is a compromise of the other 2 IMHO.

    I am petite but has a tendency to carry quite a bit of electronics (PDAs, cell phones-2, IPOD, etc...) + my girlie stuff! so the E/W is a great compromise.
  5. I got an Indigo East-West Bayswater but I haven't received it. Will post some photos as soon as it gets here. :smile:
  6. ^^^ toffeenutlatte! yes please! i cannot decide between the indigo or oak printed leather - please post pics and your thoughts when you get it. thnks!